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CALENDAR OF EVENTS:    - A list of all swim meets in Queensland, the  World, National and State Championships

MSQ Sanctioned Swim Meet Events

Sanctioned Club Swim Meets are held throughout Qld and throughout the year.
There are between 25 and 30 interclub swim meets annually.
Click on the link below to access information on
Interclub Swim Meets.

Guest swimmers
are welcome at a club swim meet, but they can only swim in one swim meet, before they are required to join MSQ - if they wish to compete again.

Clubs can nominate to host a swim meet.  The following forms need to be read and completed and sent to the MSQ office:

A club hosting a sanctioned swim meet, must complete a RISK ASSESSMENT SHEET  at least 4 weeks before the meet.
On the day of the meet, it needs to be reviewed/amended and sent to the Director of Risk Management within 7 days of the meet.
The Risk Assessment form is in:
Information/Forms on this website

MSQ State Championships

MSQ also hosts, with the support of a club in a designated region, a State Championships Event.
Long course and short course state swims occur during alternating years, unless the Board determines otherwise.
The event occurs during March in a different region each year i.e. the southern, central and northern regions.

Pan Pacific Masters Games

Generally, the short course is held during the same year as the Pan Pacific Masters Games, which are held every second year. The last one was held in 2010 and the next one is scheduled for 2012.

This major event is always held on the Gold Coast and the swimming component is hosted by MSQ with the support of either a club or a dedicated group of people who support the Administrator and the BMB.

National Championships

As MSQ is affiliated with Masters Swimming Australia, we also compete at the annual National Long Course Championships, hosted in a different state each year.

How to nominate for an interclub swim meet or the State Championships

Clubs generally submit their entries for the swim meet via Team Manager Lite. Members of a club must submit their nomination forms to the Club Captain, who will send the completed nominations to the Meet Manager Program.

However, members of the Branch club, The Barbarians (QBR) nominate by using the  Individual  Nomination Form below.
Each member of this club must submit his/her own form to the event orgnaniser as well as payments as determined by the club.

Nomination Form. 

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