Membership On-Line

Swimmers who wish to join Masters Swimming Queensland are only able to join online.
We encourage all members to pay their registration fees online.  However, if you do not wish to use your credit card or do not have one, you can make arrangements with your club registrar to organise your online payment.


A previous or current member of MSA - anywhere in Australia or Queensland. 
Re-register if:

  • you are renewing your MSQ membership
  • you were a member a few years or long ago and you've decided to return to Masters Swimming Qld.  Your number will still be in the database.  Contact the MSQ office for information on your ID number.
  • you have changed clubs.  If you are a new member to a club, but not to MSA, you need to re-register.  Prior to
    re-registering, you will need to organise the transfer from your old club to the new club.  The registrar of the new club has to approve of your transfer.

New Registration

This is only for a member who has never belonged to Masters Swimming Australia (interstate) or Masters Swimming Queensland

  • Click on the Member Portal (right)
  • Click on New Registration and follow the instructions.

The name you enter on the Clubs Online Database is the name you need to use when you 
           nominate for a swim meet. 
           If you register your name as Robert Black, but you are mostly called Bob, then  you
           would need to enter all your swim meets under the name RobertShould you enter a
           meet under the name Bob Black, the Results Portal will assume that you are two
           different people.  Your results may therefore show up under Robert Black and Bob 
with different IDs.