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Being a Member of Masters Swimming Queensland

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Types of Membership MSQ offers members

In Queensland we offer a few different types of membership:

  • A full membership attracts the standard fee
  • A Health Care Card Holder is someone who has a HCC card because s/he is a pensioner, unemployed, or unable to work
  • A Life Member has been awarded the title by MSQ and as such pays only the National component of the fee.
  • A second claim member is a member of two or more clubs. The second club may be interstate or within Queensland.  If the member is from interstate, the fee is the Qld Branch fee plus the club fee.  If the member is from another club in Qld, the fee would only be the club fee as the Branch and National fee are paid in the first club.

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Clubs need to submit a list of their Health Care Card Holders at least every two months if applicable.  Send the list to:

Click on Health Care Card Holders Form

How to join

  • If you are interested in joining a club, contact the club for approval
  • Click on Club Information or in the drop-down menu Clubs - to find a club in your area or region. The relevant club will have a contact person, email address and phone number.
  • Once your membership has been approved by the club, you may pay directly online.  To pay directly:
  • Click on Member Portal (top right).It will take you directly into the Clubs Online database.
  • If you wish to register through the club registrar, then pay your fee directly to the registrar, who will register your membership on your behalf, via Clubs Online.
  • If you were a previous member of any club either in Qld or interstate, but haven't registered for some years, you need to click on Re-Registration. Your previous ID number is still available. If you need to find out what the number is, contact:

Joining the Branch Club - QBR - Barbarians

  • If you don't wish to join an actual club, but would still like to enjoy the benefits offered by MSQ, you can join the State club, known as QBR - The Barbrians.
  • This club caters for swimmers who prefer not to be part of a club, or live in an area where there are not enough people to form a club.
  • Members of The Barbarians are spread throughout Queensland
  • To join, you simply click on Member Portal (top right) and register through the Clubs Online database.  The registrar in the State office will activate all new members.
  • If you were a previous member of any club, but haven't registered for some years, you need to click on Re-Registration.  Your previous ID number is still available.  If you need to find out what the number is, contact:

NOTE:  A club must be affiliated with MSQ before any members can be registered.

Documents to Assist you with your Registration:

1.              New Member Help For Paying Online - Sept 2011

2.              Club Help for Clubs Online - September  & December

3.              Member Help for Renewing Online

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