Participation & Improvement

Participation and Improvement Program for Clubs and its Members

The PARTICIPATION and IMPROVEMENT Program has been combined to form one program in 2013.


  • To encourage individual swimmers to become more actively involved, either through their own swimming programs or through coaching and technical services
  • To promote MSQ members through this program within the wider community
  • To increase the membership of the club
  • To encourage clubs to create incentives for greater participation by its members in club activities and programs
  • To improve the club's profile in the community

How it works

A point system has been created by the Board of Management, to ensure that all clubs are able to submit a list of winners that have been drawn from a program that is the same as for all clubs.

The information on how points are accummulated is found in document No 1 below.

The duration of this program

The program will run from the 1st January - 31 December 2013. 


1.  2013 Participation & Improvement Program

2.  Sample Participation & Improvement Program - Summaries only

3.  Attendance Record

4.  Sample Attendance Record

Results will need to be sent to the Administrator by mid January 2014:

The winning club will receive a free coaching course.