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Becoming a Masters' Coach                                                        

  • Anyone can become a Masters Swimming Coach.  MSQ has a Director of Coaching, who is responsible for holding coaching courses as per the Masters Swimming Australia regulations and guidelines.

Clubs are notified of impending courses and the region in which these will be held.

Becoming a Presenter at a Coaching Course

If you're interested in being a presenter at a coaching course and you have the qualifications and experience to do so, click on the form below.

Application: Coaching Presenter/Facilitator 

The form explains the requirements you need to be a presenter on an MSQ coaching course.

  • If a club is interested in running a coaching course, it must inform the Director of Coaching Services, who will assist the club in providing the best course for the club/s.
  • If individuals are interested in becoming a coach, please contact the Administrator to establish availability of courses and to register your interest.  You may do so through your club.

Pathways to Becoming a Masters Swimming Coach

Intro Coach & Club Coach

2.  Partial Bronze (SAL) holder
3.  Recognition of Current Competencies (below)
4.  Bronze or higher licence holder - Coaching Adult Swimmers

For more detailed information on Coaching pathways, course content, accreditation and reaccreditation of your coaching qualifications in the National site, click on the MSA link:  Coaching

Intro Coach & Club Coach Courses

 Before you consider enrolling in the first option (Intro Coach & Club Coach), which must both be completed, you may wish to apply for RCC (Recognition of Current Competency)

RCC - Recognition of Current Competency - Intro Coach
RCC - Recognition of Current Competency - Club Coach

 Coach of the Year

If your club wishes to nominate your club Masters Swimming Coach as the Coach of the Year, fill out the form and send to the MSQ office:
The form is available in the menu 'Information/Forms or click on Forms for quick access.
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