NT Buffalo Representatives

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Northern Territory Buffaloes

1988 (Bicential Carnival) Brently Hughes, Graham Manouge (Team Manager)
1989 V Essendon Brently Hughes , Alan Jakovich
1989 V Port Adelaide (SANFL) Brently Hughes, Alan Jackovich
1990 V St Kilda Brently Hughes, Paul Kemp
1990 V Essendon Brently Hughes, Adrian McAdam
1991 V Hawthorn Brently Hughes, Nathan Buckley, Roger Smith
1992 V Geelong Nathan Buckley, Robert Rusca (Squad)
1993 V Melbourne Nathan Buckley, Fabian Francis
1993 Qld/NT v Tasmania (State of Origin) Nathan Buckley, Fabian Francis
1994 V Essendon Graham Taylor, Adrian McAdam (North Melbourne), Steve Turner
1994 V VFA Jason Cockatoo, Adrian Collard, Steve Turner, Shane Shewring
1995 V Fremantle Adrian Collard, Gerard Atkins, Shane Shewring
1995 V ACT Jason Cockatoo, Fabian Francis, Bill Feeney Jnr, Bradley Copeland, Michael Spry
1995 (Arafura Sports Festival) Jason Cockatoo, Michael Spry, Bill Feeney Jnr, Bradley Copeland, Shane Shewring
1996 V Port Adelaide Graham Taylor, Jason Cockatoo
1996 V Brisbane Bears Jason Cockatoo, Shaun LewFatt, Graham Taylor, Michael Spry
1997 V Collingwood Jason Cockatoo, Peter Johnson, Gabby Weetra, Shawn LewFatt, Gerard Atkins, Bill Feeney Jnr
1998 V Essendon Kelvin Maher, Bruce Jarmyn, Adrian Collard, Dave Wilson, Jason Cockatoo, Nick Carroll, Bill Feeney Jnr, Mark Motlop (Coach), (Support Staff - Carl Cotton, Gary Masters, Russel Finck)
1998 V South Fremantle Kelvin Maher, Archie Harvey, Gerard Atkins, Michael Spry, Gabby Weetra, Jason Cockatoo, Adrian Collard, Bill Feeney Jnr, David Parfitt, Derek Francis, Bruce Jarmyn, Rodney Keelan, Mark Motlop (Coach)
1999 V Richmond Kelvin Maher, Bruce Jarmyn, Shane Shewring, Bill Feeney Jnr, Shannon Rusca, Adrian Collard, Jason Cockatoo, Gerard Atkins, David Parfitt, Dave Wilson, Mark Motlop (Coach)
2000 V Norwood Kelvin Maher, Bruce Jarmyn, Jason Cockatoo (C), David Parfitt, Jason Krueger
2001 V Port Adelaide Power Kelvin Maher, Jason Cockatoo (C), Bruce Jarmyn, Adrian McAdam
2004 V Western Bulldogs Shannon Rusca, Richard Tambling
2006 V North Adelaide Ashley Wedding, Shannon Rusca