2011 Victorian School
Surfing Titles

Presented by VicHealth


This event is being run and supported by the Victorian Secondary School Sports association, the Victorian School Surfing Association and Surfing Victoria. From this event, the 2011 Rip Curl Shield and the VicHealth Victorian Junior Circuit the team to represent Victoria at the 2011 National Titles will be selected.


Prizes will include Trophies, Surfing Accessories and Clothing


Teams Event:


The team composition is X3 Under 19 Boys, X3 Under 16 Boys & X1 Under 19 Girl (plus each team has a coach).  All ages are taken from 31st December 2011.  All team members must be under the specified age for the whole of 2011.  For example, to compete in the Under 16 boys, the competitor must be 15 years of age for the whole of 2011.


q  Each heat of 45-60 minutes (length determined by contest director) will consist of a maximum of 4 school teams.

q  Each surfer will catch 2 waves and return to the designated area to tag the next team member.

q  One designated surfer will be nominated prior to the heat/final and is permitted to select 1 wave to score Double Points by signalling immediately his ride on that wave concludes.

q  The winning school team will be decided by adding the points scored for all rides of the team at the end of the heat/final.

q  The team can compete in any order; however the order must be given to the Head Judge prior to the commencement of the heat/final.


Champion school will be determined on results of ‘Team Competition’ section.


For regional elimination dates, please contact the following regional convenors:







Rob Young

Dromana S.C.                    

59 872 805


Rob Wegner

Sandringham S.C.

95 987 044

Far West

Peter Robertson                    

Portland S.C.                    

55 231 344


Surfing Victoria                                                               


52 612 907


Surfing Victoria


52 612 907


Adrian Sorati

Wonthaggi S.S

56 721 344

East Gippsland

Nigel Alison

Mallacoota P-12

51 580 254


Individual Competition:


q  All competitors must be fulltime secondary (or primary) students.

q  Shortboard competitors shall compete in either the Under 19, 16 or 13 Boys or Under 19, 16 or 13 Girls.

q  All ages calculated as of 31st of December 2011 (as stated above). 



Please Note: All dates are still to be confirmed and will be up on the Surfing Victoria website at the start of 2011( If you have any queries regarding the above information please do not hesitate to contact either Surfing Victoria on (03) 5261 2907 or Max Wells on 0438 704 020.