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On Track Workshops

The entire On Track program and all of the training sessions have been designed so that each and every session is formatted into a developmental sequence. The progressive elements of the skills are introduced and reinforced throughout the program.

The On Track program focuses on the fundamental motor skills, all the way through to the athletic skills.

The program has 5 Levels.  Each level has skills and each skill has techniques. As the skill is learnt, it is developed further and further until the final athletic skill has been developed.

On Track can be conducted for the U6, U7 & U8 age groups.  Athletes in these age groups have large variations in their athletic abilities as their fundamental motor skills are developing at different rates.  The key to On Track is that athletes develop one skill before moving onto the next skill.

Encouragement, enjoyment and accomplishment are equally important to the athletes as they are to the co-ordinators & parents.

Learning in a positive environment is fundamental to the On Track program.

To assist with learning about On Track, workshops will be conducted throughout the State. 

Designed for, but not exclusive to:

  • Parents of U6, U7 & U8’s
  • Coaches, Assistant & Trainee coaches
  • Age group managers
  • Committee members
  • Centre On Track co-ordinators
  • Region On Track co-ordinators

Workshops are 2 hours of duration and include theory & practical sessions for implementation , consolidation or refinement of your On Track program at your Centre, with some handy tips along the way.

Interactive workshop with time for questions and plenty of hands on activities, includes morning tea.

Duration:  All workshops run for approximately 2 hours 10.30am - 12.30pm

To register please click on the on track banner above

Cost: $5 per person (includes the workshop & On Track CD

2013/2014 Courses

Entries Close: Wednesday prior to each workshop date.