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Disability Education Program Workshops

Disability Education Program workshops are designed to provide Little Athletics centres with comprehensive and direct practical support for including people with disabilities in their programs.

The workshops deliberately use a practical approach, and the promotion of positive attitudes towards disability and sport is seen as the main priority.

The length of each workshop is approximately three hours. The subject matter is tailored to the needs of the participants. Each participant receives course notes and a certificate.

As the course is funded by Little Athletics NSW, there is no cost to participants.


Facilities required to host a Disability Education Workshop

·         Indoor area, large enough to comfortably seat all participants

·         Area for practical sessions

·         Indoor area for practical sessions in case of wet weather

·         Access to audio-visual equipment (i.e. overhead projector, TV/video)

          and white board is preferred.


NOTE: A school or a well equipped clubhouse is an ideal facility.


Participant Numbers

A minimum of 12-15 participants is usually required for a workshop to proceed. The maximum number accepted for a workshop is 30 participants.

To download a copy of the Disability Education Program workshop Host Request Form, click here.


For more information contact Darren Wensor at the Little Athletics NSW Office on 9633 4511 or email