Port Adelaide CC is pleased to announce we have affiliated with MTBA as well as Cycling SA so you have a choice of MTBA or CA membership - or both!

Cycling Australia Racing memberships permit you to enter all of our events, and road, criterium, grand fondo, cyclo sportif, cyclo-cross/CX and track events held around the country by other CA clubs and promoters.  MTBA Competition (racing) memberships can be used at our cyclo-cross/CX races, and MTBA-sanctioned races.  A Cycling Australia Recreation membership allows you to participate in Sportifs only, as well as train on the track and the road with the same training insurance and other benefits as racing members.

See a complete list of 2017 Membership Fees and categories here.

If you are 'value-adding' from one membership affliliation to another (eg you want both MTBA and CA memberships) it's much better value to bundle them but this can only be done manually.  Please email committee@pacc.org.au for help, or read here.

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Membership Fees 2017

Membership fees and options for 2017

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All you need to know about the conduct of PACC Bunch Rides

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