Activities of MSNSW




Masters Swimming Australia has developed a program which caters for all levels of swimming ability.
You may just be able to swim 25 metres, you may have been a school champion; you may be swimming laps to improve your fitness and well-being; or you may have been a competitive swimmer.
Whatever level you are, you will benefit from the range of activities offered by Masters Swimming.
Masters Swimming offers many benefits to its members.


Club Activities

Clubs provide many ways to help you measure your progress:

  • Coaching programs to increase distance swum;

  • Stroke correction to improve stroke technique;

  • Aerobic swimming to improve your cardio-vascular fitness;

  • Time trials or handicapped races;

  • Interclub carnivals to swim against others your age .


 Interclub Swims

MSNSW co-ordinates interclub swim meets which are held about twice a month. These are open to all members regardless of ability.
At interclub swim meets you will swim against others of the same pace. Your time swum is entered into our computer and graded against other swimmers in your age group (18-24 and 25 + in five-year increments). Points are allocated from fastest to slowest and are added to determine the club with the most points and the club with the highest average point score.
From our Swimmers Profiles page on the website, you can print a certificate  which details your events, time swam and place in each event.
A social event is sometimes held after each meet and your family is welcome to attend.
See Calendar page for dates of interclub swim meets. Entry details available from your club.


Relay Events

Each of the interclub carnivals include relay events where four swimmers from each club compete as a team. The combined age group of the team is placed in a group of 72-119, 120-159, 160-199, 200-239, 240-279, 280-319, or 320-359.



The NSW Branch (including ACT) conducts four major competitions each year - the Long Course Championships (50m pool) usually in Autumn and Short Course (25m pool) usually in Spring. You may enter five individual events over two days of the meet. The Branch also conducts an annual Relay Meet and a Long Distance Championships.
Medals are awarded for first three place getters in each age group in all individual events.
Clubs compete for perpetual trophies.
See Calendar for date of next Branch Championships event.


National championships

Each year an Australian National Championships is held in rotation in each of the Branches of Masters Swimming Australia. There are no qualifying times for these meets. It is a great opportunity to travel in the company of fellow swimmers.
The National Swim was in Adelaide in April 2012, Sydney in April 2013 and will be in Rockhampton, Queensland in April 2014. Further details available on Masters Swimming Australia website.


ENDURANCE 1000 Swim Program

The aerobic swim program is designed to promote aerobic fitness by providing an incentive to swim longer distances. The program commences with 400metre swims and progresses to continuous swimming for 1 hour. Members set goals as to which aerobic swims they can achieve. Swimmers are awarded points for each aerobic swim completed. These individual point scores go towards the club's tally. The club with the highest point score wins the National Aerobic Trophy at the end of the year.

The results of the 2011 Aerobic Trophy for NSW are available in the Results section of this website. The National results for 2011 may be viewed on the National Website.



Some MSNSW competitors choose to go as a group to Open Water swims organised by other associations. See Ocean Swims Website for details of Ocean Swims.



If you live in a remote area or have other commitments on weekends, postal swims are ideal for you. You swim in your club pool and enter your times in competitions by post or email. These times may be recorded at your club or at other events of the organisation. These are held in NSW, interstate and overseas. Go to Postal Swims page for details of Postal Swims organised by MSNSW clubs or to the National Website for details of other postal swims.



Records are kept for each age group in all strokes and distances from 50m to 800m, and also 1500m for Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke for both Long Course and Short Course.
Records are kept at Branch, National and World levels.
State Records for NSW Branch are available on this website. Copies may also be obtained by contacting the NSW Branch Office.
See National Web Page to view National Records.
See FINA Web Page to view World Records.


TOP 10

Masters Swimming Australia has a website which publishes times swum by members either at a swim meet or submitted by their club recorder at the end of the year. Times swum are shown in each age group in all strokes and distances for each calendar year. These times are swum at sanctioned swim meets or may be recorded at members' clubs. They are available for both short course and long course swims. They may be viewed on the National website on their results portal.

Current National and Branch records are also available from this website. The website also contains a history of all previous record holders.