Club Championships


The main championships each year are the men's and women's singles.  The winners of these events get to wear the mantle of Club Champion for the following 12 months.   They also get to compete in the region Champion of Champion singles events.  Success at the regional level qualifies for the Victorian Champion of Champion singles, then the Australian Champion of Champion singles and, finally, the World Champion of Champion singles.  

Gender-specific championships are also held for pairs, triples and the century handicap.

There is also a variety of mixed gender championships.


Winners for 2013/2014

Event Player/s
Men's Singles Steve Williams
Men's Pairs Noel Spargo
  Ernie Richards
Men's Triples ROD KELLEY
  Ian Jones
Men's Century Handicap Brent Arnott
Women's Singles Vicki Williams
Women's Pairs BEV Sharp
  Vicki Williams
Women's Triples Jenny Millar
  Meryl Spargo
  Roslyn Camera
Women's Century Handicap Roslyn Camera
Mixed Singles Roslyn Camera
Mixed Pairs PAM FLETT
  David Oliver
Mixed Triples Sue Arnott
  Dianne Debney
Mixed Fours Cath Andrew
  Don White
  John Baker
Mixed President's Trophy Ernie Richards
Mixed Vice-President's Trophy Bruce Goodman
Over 70's Ernie Richards
Novice Singles Neville Jenkin



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