CV Blazers


The Hockey Central Vic, CVBlazers teams, are Men's and Women's representative hockey teams  comprising of players from the local Hockey Central Vic competition in Bendigo and surrounding Associations. We boast a strong representation in the Hockey Victoria Vic League Men and Women's Competition.

We value enjoyable, quality hockey with a great social environment, that is inclusive of all. CVBlazers has an opportunity for YOU to be involved, that may include; coaching, playing or volunteering in a variety of roles.

CVBlazers, since being formed, have developed a rich and proud history of success at high level of Victorian Hockey.

The CVBlazers have reached a very exciting point in their development, as we continue to embark upon a development strategy that will see our next crop of budding superstars. For the first time this year a U16 team has been entered into the North West Pennant competition, which is hopefully just the beginning of further teams to come.

We meet and base ourselves at the The Ashley Street Hockey Complex, Ironbark

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Training Night
Tuesdays from 6.30pm
2016 Coaches
VL 1 Women - Randall Butler
VL 1 Women Reserves 
VL 2 Men - Paul Lahn
VL 2 Men Reserves 
Please text your coach if you can not make trainings. Coaches need to plan sessions and what they plan depends on player numbers at training...

2016 CV Blazers Committee
The Blazers committee consists of Ian Berry,  S. Anderson, Tim Burnham, Rob Waterson, Courtney Waterson, Tracey Johnson; who will be CV Blazers voice on CoM along with the day to day running of our teams. If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact us on