1885. - Club was formed at a meeting held at the Cumberland Hotel, by 14 prominent members of the Town.

1886. - The First Green was established at the top end of the Botanical Gardens.

          - Relocated to Lyttleton Street. (Next door to the Prysbertian Church)          - Relocated to current location in Berkeley Street.

1968.- The Brick section of building was built and opended by the then President of the RVBA.

1960-190.- Two adjoining properties purchased at the rear of the Club for expansion . Latter sold.

1960.- Retaining wall on East side of Croquet Court was washed away by flooding.

1980.- Club became Incorporated.

1992.- The Top Bowling Green was converted from a Bent Grass to a Synthetic Surface.

12996.- Property in Barker Street which adjoined the Club was purchased with the view of relocating the Croquet Court. It was approved by                  Council but stopped by other persons. Propertyy resold.

2000.- Boxing day storm broke the retaining wall on the Synthetic Green. Replaced by Club at cost of $7000. Insurance would not cover .

           Female Bowlers and Croquet Players became full financial members of the Club. (Formerly known as Associate members).

2001.- Croquet Court replanted with a Tiff and repairs to the end walls carried out at a cost of $8000.

2003.- Main Green converted from Bent Grass to Tiff.

2004.- Club ceased running community Bingo after 30 years. Due to lack of players.

           Synthetic Green ceased to be used as it became unplayable. Plus bowling numbers dropped and did not warrant trwo greens.

2006.- Club ceased to have a paid Green Keeper. All work done now by volunteers.

2007.- Club members hosted a reception for the Victoria Government Cabinet Visit.

2008.- Ceased to serve Draught Beer due to dwindling sales.

2010.- Due to drought and lack of water the Club was forced to replace the main green by a carpet. (Needle Punch) Cost was $230,000.                      Financed by Government Grant of  $60,000 remaining meet by Club resources and borrowings.

           New entrance was constructed into the Club Rooms. at a cost of $3,000.

           Club connected to Broad Band for Seniors.  No cost to Club.

2011.- New Photo Copier/Printer. New Disghwasher installed at Club. New TV and antenna obatianed . Whilst a Defibulator was dontate to the             Club by Rotary and Vosslah.

2012.- New Business plan prepared to enable Club to pursue grants to update the whole facilities.

2013.- New Club Constitution approved by Cunsumer Affiars  in line with the new policy set by the Govement to have new constitutions by                   27/11/2014.

           Club appointed a member to manage and controll all Club archives and history items.

           Many hours of back office work carried out with view of applying for a Grant in 2014/15 to modernise the facilities.

2014.- Club Inducted First Female Member into Office as Director.

2017.- The disused synthetic was completely rebuilt as an 8 rink woven carpet synthetic by Greengauge.