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Welcome to Season 2018 and the Burnside Hockey Club registration system.



You must select both a red Hockey SA option and a black club option to complete your registration.  If you are a coach only, please select the coach option, however if you are also playing, please select a player option instead.\ 

The Hockey SA component (red options) must be paid online with a credit card but the club options may be paid either via credit card here or by direct deposit sent afterwards by EFT however you STILL NEED TO REGISTER a Club registration (black option) here too.


If you wish to play the club component by direct deposit, you must process the Hockey SA fee on its own and then finalise that first and then do the club fee in a separate transaction or the Hockey SA fee payment will also 'sweep up' the club fee charge and force credit card payment for each.


The credit card processing fee is 4.4% for individual subscriptions under $500 and charged by the portal. To avoid this fee for the black club component, simply create a separate registration for club fees only (can be multiple family members in one transaction) and select "SUBMIT ONLY". Then transfer funds to the club.


Account name - Burnside Hockey Club Inc

BSB – 633000     

Account number - 158670216

Please ensure that you email with your payment details and that your transaction has your initial, surname and grade ie   J.Black M2M


Note that electing to play via direct deposit is not a method for delayed payments and instalments etc and you are still expected to pay promptly please.  Requests for delayed payments must go via


For all players there is also a weekly pitch fees component which is not included on this portal at this time.  For senior games, they are usually paid directly to the team manager at the game.  For juniors in all grades from U11 upwards, there is an expectation that the full season's pitch fees estimate (including umpiring costs) will be paid in full by round 4 however due to fixturing changes and variations in team sizes, this estimate can run short and may require a ' top up ' later in the season.


  • Once you enter your email address, it will recognise your email address if it is already in the system and ask for a password or a reset if you cannot recall the password. It usually takes only a couple of minutes to receive the email to reset your password which will be sent to your registered email address. 
  • If that email address has been used for more than one member, you can choose from a list of members at that email address by clicking on the button "Register a linked member" under the heading "Account Members" on the right hand side of the first page.
  • After entering one member's details, you have the option to continue with more family member(s) and then finalise all in one transaction at the end.
  • Please note that a player will not be visible for player selection by the club, unless BOTH registrations are complete - if you pay by direct deposit we will reconcile your payment and activate you when your payment has cleared (don't forget to email us).
  • Selection of squads, particularly senior teams, is at the discretion of the appointed coaches.  Payment of fees does not entitle a player a position in the selected category and any payment / refund adjustment will be made with consultation with the Treasurer and Hockey Director as required, based on games played.
  • If BHC is not your primary club and you are seeking dual (two club or two association) registration then please read here for further instructions - .  Your primary club gets the paid red Hockey SA option and a paid club grade (black option) and your secondary club must have the free red option and a paid club grade. The Hockey SA fee is only charged once to the primary club (and this will determine which club you call your primary club and may affect your requirement for clearances) and the secondary club gets the no cost Hockey SA dual club option.  
  • If  you intend playing for two clubs please ensure this is done in the correct order and both clubs are covered.  You essentially have to select a red and a black option for each club in order to be available and active in each club. This means that you have to do this process for each club, inside their own registration system.  There is no point adding a paid Hockey SA subscription and a free dual registration both to Burnside as it means that you cannot be selected to play for your other club and are therefore unregistered to them. You must select and pay for the primary club first or the secondary club dual rego will not be valid.  Also don't forget to complete the Hockey SA dual registration paperwork which requires a club secretary or hockey director signature from each club and submission to Hockey SA, allowing a few days for processing after submission. 



Anyone seeking payment considerations for fee reductions or delayed payments must contact for three of more dependent children family discount or Social 8 pro-rata partial season fees



  • For U9 - U13 grades wanting to use Sport Voucher, the system is now only online.
  • Please ensure you select the correct category as we are not permitted to refund the $50 if you choose the wrong option
  • Our online system is applicable to children only playing in juniors and in Year 7 or younger. 
  • Contact or phone 0412840105 if you believe your child is still eligible and falls outside these parameters


Please note that a player will not be visible online for player selection by their team manager, unless both a RED and BLACK registration is complete. This could risk a team forfeit and a personal fine if not done correctly.


If you have any problems, please contact Sarah Stroeher on 0412840105 or and she will get you sorted .


Click on the "Registration link here to get started


Registration with Burnside Hockey Club implies acceptance of our terms and conditions which may be subject to change without notice and can be found at



2018 BHC committee.