Garden Gully Turf Hire 

To organise hire of the turf located at 14 – 30 Ashley St, Ironbark, Bendigo  (off Eaglehawk Road), please fill in the form found in the link at the base of this page and submit as per the included instructions.


Inappropriate use of HCV Facilities - Schedule of Penalities

The HCV facilities committee is charged with the management and maintenance of our 2 internationally accredited hockey pitches and with a combined value of over $2 Million dollars take these duties seriously.


Over the last few years the Facilities committee have observed both HCV members and other hockey participants failing to comply with and breaching the facility rules and conditions of use.  


Examples of these breaches include

  • Use the fields without an authorised booking;  
  • Unauthorised entry by either jumping the fence or cutting holes in the fence;
  • Inappropriate use as follows:

              o   use of the pitch without watering;

              o   failing to fill the footbaths prior to use;

              o   not entering the pitch through the footbaths;

              o   use of full field game circles during training;

              o   bringing food and banned drinks inside the pitch fence; and

              o   use of the ambulance gates for general access.

The facilities committee have repeatedly requested breaches, such as those noted above, to cease but unfortunately seem to have fallen on deaf ears and as such have requested the HCV to endorse the following penalties for non-compliance of the rules and conditions of use.

 These penalties appear harsh, but users are asked to keep in mind that HCV are managing a $2 Million facility and replacement of any of the playing surfaces will cost in the vicinity of $400,000.

As such any policies or procedures, the Facilities Committee can undertake to maximise the lifespan of the turfs or preserve the turf surfaces which will ultimately save HCV members money in the longer term will be undertaken.

Keep in mind for every year that we delay the replacement of a surface, a further $40-$50K will be saved towards replacement costs.

Ross Evans

HCV Facilities Chair

on behalf of the Facilities Committee

 Schedule of penalties


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