26 May 2017


Well, the winter has hit with a bang! Here in Christchurch our winter Officials felt a very cold blast from the South at our Jane Patterson Race last Saturday. Another good event, but in extremely cold conditions. Good luck to all Officials working at these events during the winter.  

World Masters Games
A great event, and we know most who worked at it enjoyed themselves even though at times they were stretched to the limits. We thank all those who volunteered at this event and would appreciate any comments on how you think it will affect your officiating career.

Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
A number of Officials have applied for positions at this event and we are aware that the selections as Officials will be announced in the next weeks. Good luck to all. Many of these people officiated at Australian Championships in March which were held over eight days.
For many these two events will be the pinnicle of their Officiating Careers, but remember there are other opportunities to go overseas which are always advertised on our Officials page on the website.


Oceania Area Championships
The Oceania Area Championshships are being Held in Fiji 29, 30 June, 1 July. We have a team of 16 officials heading to Suva for the champs. Chris Bade, Keith Bade, Reg Brockett, Philip Coates, Paula Cole, Kathryn Fraser, Ross Keenan, Daniel Lewis, Ruth Liong, John McBrearty, Louise McDonald, Jim McIlroy, Alex Merriless, Joan Merriless, Trevor Spittle, and Tony Sargisson will be there.
Prior to the Championships is the OAA bi-annual Congress along with an Administration course for Congress delegates and a TD/CD course for Officials which Jim McIlroy and Ruth Liong will be attending


There is a huge amount of information in the Officials section of the Athletics NZ website and we encourage you to regularly look to see what has been added. Events & courses are advertised here and Regional Official Educators (ROEs) are encouraged to ensure their courses are added.


National Officials Committee
The Athletics NZ NOC met last Sunday and discussed many items around Officiating. The main prioity is bringing new Officials, educating them and showing the pathway for Officials. Succession planning and mentoring whether it be formal mentoring or not is also a need. Further information about opportunities in officiating can be found on the website. We encourage all officials to read this and decide where they wish to go. Do you want to be a local official, a national official, become a Referee, competition director, officiate internationally etc.? Think about and talk to your local ROE, one of the NOC or ANZ OD Manager.



NOC Vacancy
One recent addition on the website is the annual vacancy to become a member of the NOC. This link can be found on the Officials Web Page. The NOC consists of four member each serving a term of four years, with one rotating off each year. They are eligible to re-stand, but this year Heather O’Hagan is stepping down this year and not seeking re-election.  We thank Heather for her many years of service on the NOC and previously the NTOC.

Competition Rules
The IAAF Council approved changes to the Competition rules at it's April meeting held in London and these can be found on the IAAF website. There will be a new rule book out soon with these in it. The new rules come into effect with the IAAF 1 November, but we will implement  from 1 October. The NOC will produce a summary of these shortly, but two significant ones should be noted now. 
All field event time allowed under Rule 180.18 for when more than three athletes are left in the competition which currently stands at one minute is reduced to 30 seconds. All others times stay as is. This will mean the timekeeper allows 15 seconds then puts up the yellow flag to signify 15 seconds left.


NZL changing the world! The Athletics NZ relay change zone proposal has now had acceptance at the IAAF which means some changes are coming up. The acceleration mark becomes the start of the takeover zone. This means there is no acceleration zone, the takeover zone starts 20m before the scratch line and finishes as 10m past this point as at present. Naturally this is only for 4x100 and 4x200. 4x400 does not change.


Code of Conduct
The Officials Code of Conduct applies to the conduct of all officials and volunteers at any Athletics New Zealand activities, programs, events and competitions.  The code of conduct sets out the expected standard of conduct of all officials and therefore all officials are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this policy and act accordingly


Have your Say - 2017 Officials Survey
We recognise and value the contribution and commitment you have to our sport as an official and your feedback is important to us.
As such we would like to invite you to complete the 2017 Officials Survey. The 2017 Survey is your opportunity to shape the future for Officials with Athletics NZ. Your responses will help guide our initiatives and give us valuable insight into how we can best support you on your journey in Athletics.
The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed by clicking HERE
•    Survey opens Thursday 25 May 2017
•    Survey closes Friday 15 June 2017
•    Report on the results will be published and made available on Athletics NZ website from 30 July 2017

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey and look forward to hearing from you.


All officials were sent an email in April with advice on how to join up for the 2017/18 season.  If you have lost this email or never received it the link is HERE


Again Hopefully these scratchings are of help. We are happy to assist wherever possible. Please contact Trevor Spittle, Officials Development Manager at any time for assistance.

Trevor Spittle
Officials Develop
ment Manager




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