A Christmassy Presidents Report


The Year at Hand: Well here we are and with 11 rounds down and Christmas upon us it all happened so fast it’s a bit bewildering at times.

We are travelling very well in all grades with the Under 12's Div One undefeated so far, our Under 18's Boys team and Under 14's Div Two team are on top of the ladder and the other teams are all poised in great positions heading into the finals.

A lot has happened this year so far, both good and bad. We have tragically lost members which has had a big impact on the club, and while life goes on, it’s important to take the time to sit back and remember the good times had with these guys.

Achievements: We have also implemented some new ideas into the club with outstanding success. Our “Team Information Night” was massive over 400 people in attendance, but then the after effects have been huge. Rusci’s talks about ball handling before training and the way the boys have taken this on board is impressive to say the least and for any of the players reading this you should be proud of what you have done and implemented between yourselves.


We also had a training night last week when we had all teams training on the main oval at once. This was an impressive sight with approx. 150 -200 players on the ground doing different drills together. Many of the juniors loved working with the seniors and having a kick with them and this is something we will do again soon.


Retirement: Another milestone in the road is our Premier League Legend Matty Cannard hanging up his boots for the last time. In my time at the club the respect and admiration this bloke has earned is a true credit to himself and he is a great asset to not only the club but the whole League. While he is still involved in the club by coaching the U18 boys, they are getting the wealth of experience he has by sitting on top of the ladder and are a real threat to take the flag. I think I can say from all of us at the club a massive thanks and look forward to plenty of good years ahead.


The Year Ahead: We have a busy last half of the season but a stand out will be Willy Farrer playing his 100th game. He only has 2 games to go to reach this target and I’m sure there will be plenty more of these sort of milestones for this young man. He conducts himself extremely well on and off the field and is a pleasure to have around the club.

Helpers: I could go on about the lack of helpers we have in the club when we have over 400 registered players which equates to about 800ish carers /parents… but I won’t J.

What I am going to put out there is specific jobs people can do…like

  • Organise and run a rosters,

  • Organise apparel,

  • Organise events, etc

  • If you think you could do this (and you don’t have to be on the committee) we will be actively seeking helpers next year so we can be much more organised for the 17/18 season and build the club even further.

Respect and Appreciation: If there is one thing that stands out to me, not only in our club but across the league is the lack of respect and appreciation for volunteers from teams. I really want to see a massive change in this in the last part of this season from ALL our teams. This can be a simple thank you to your trainer / water runner or a pat on the back to your coach / team manager. We struggle to have enough of these people and without them we can’t play, so show them they matter!

In Closing: I can’t finish off without thanking all the Committee, Coaches and Volunteers. We are a small team and what you all do week in week out is simply amazing. It can be very unrewarding at times but I can assure you it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work !!

I wish you all a terrific Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope everyone stays safe and returns to finish off an awesome season so far.



President, Southern Districts Football Club