20 October 2016



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Welcome to the last Club Chat of 2016. What an amazing year it has been for Athletics. Its been an awesome few months off the back of the Rio Olympics with the community team flat out visiting regions, schools and clubs around the country.  We've been running Get Set Go and Run Jump Throw workshops, strategic planning workshops, club development workshops, ClubNet assistance and Have a go Days.  Its so great to see first hand the exciting things happening out there in the athletics community. To all the volunteers that help make it happen – thank you from all of us at Athletics NZ. You really are amazing and are the reason Athletics exists in your community


In this newsletter also read about new Health & Safety resources available to club, how some clubs have grown after Rio and some great opportunites for your coaches coming up in the New Year. Athletics NZ would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable New Year. For those heading to the North or South Island Colgate Games or the Classics, we will see you there. All the best for the rest of the summer season – Cat O’Sullivan



Health & Safety for Clubs

As most of you will be aware the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 came into effect on April 4 2016. Athletics New Zealand has been working on resources and templates to help clubs create a safe sport for all involved. We have created a special section of the Athletics NZ website dedicated to Health and Safety. Check it out here. You will notice there are separate sections for Centres, Clubs and Events. Make sure you have a look at the Club resource as it’s the most relevant.

Health and Safety Consideration:
Have you ever thought  how easy it could be for a Child to wonder off at club night ? This is a very real risk and we want to make sure all children arrive and leave athletics club nights safely. Here are some ideas to minimise this risk.

  • Have a sign in and sign out process
  • Each rotation - make sure the number of children in the group is the same as those ticked off on your list. If not, take a roll call
  • For the younger age groups (under 7). Have all groups in different coloured vests. So children can easily find their group
  • Set Clear Boundaries. With ropes or cones if it’s an open park
  • Parents should accompany all children under the age of 10

Athletics NZ have also produced Safe Sport for Children guidlines that are worth a read. Check them out here


Membership Fees

Athletics NZ are pleased to announce the 2017/18 membership fees which will come into effect 1 April 2017. Please follow this link to the memo from Linda, the Chief Executive, which was approved by the Board at the last Athletics New Zealand Board meeting.


ClubNet Corner

With the summer season now well underway, the memberships are flying in with many new budding Eliza’s and Tom’s around the country. It is therefore important to keep up to date with membership registrations to ensure every child, adult and athlete has the opportunity to have fun and do their best in the sport and events we all love. With that in mind, below are some tips for ClubNet and club administration to enable you and your team to efficiently operate during the summer.

1. Generic club email addresses such as clubname@xtra.co.nz makes it easier for members to communicate directly with your club each year. Similar to that of a Mailbox or PO Box, you can easily distribute notices to the relevant committee member within the club.

2. Keep an eye out for member transfer requests, especially if you close down for the season. Please confirm any requests as soon as possible and notify the new club should there be any issues or delays with the transfer.

3. Please use the Member Types supplied by Athletics NZ as creating your own causes members to get lost in ClubNet at regional and national level. It is possible to have multiple subscription categories relating to one member type or create member groups for emailing and exporting specific groups of members.

4. When cancelling a transaction, if you select to "update financial status", the member will become financial. This should only be done if the member is no longer wishing to be active within the club. Uncheck the box if you are cancelling a duplicate transaction.


Clubs grow after Athletics success in Rio



We talk to three clubs who have benefited from the increased interest in Athletics after the Rio Olympics. What did these clubs do to promote themselves? How did they make sure their communities knew what they had to offer? Click here for the full article


Club Benefits Programme

Athletics New Zealand has partnered with a number of organisations to help bring clubs discounts on services they use often.  See below three partnerships and deals that may interest your club.

Sports Distributors Ltd based in Mt Maunganui, are one of NZ’s leading sports equipment distributors and have been supplying Athletics NZ for years with gear, Get Set Go kits and equipment. As an affiliated athletics clubs or centre get preferential pricing via our Member Benefits page on our website – click on the link to go directly to the Sports Distributors Athletics NZ page!

Christmas promotion: if you do not have an account with Sports Distributors, open one before 31 Dec, 2016 and go into the draw to win a $500 voucher towards your next purchase at Sports Distributors. That’s $500 of free gear just by opening an account. Too easy!

Bene Sports Medical  is a specialist medical company dedicated to providing you with a complete range of products to prevent injury, rehab from injury and to improve athletic performance. They’re a small and friendly team who are passionate about reducing injuries in sport. Their products are great quality, exceptional value and are used by professionals nationwide. Check out their athletics page Bene Sports Medical on their website for the extensive product range.

Open an account: All affiliated athletics clubs and centre’s can open a trade account with Bene Sports Medical and receive trade prices on all products purchased!

Members: All your members can purchase sports medical products and receive a 10% discount by ordering through our Member Benefits page and quoting the promo code ATHNZ16

Aon New Zealand are the country's largest insurance broker and as our partner have prepared an insurance tender for all athletics clubs to participate in aimed at improving your cover and lowering your premiums!

Do you have enough insurance to cover your needs and manage your risk?

Could you be saving on premiums?

Please click on the link here Aon Insurance Tender, to find out all the details.


Athletics NZ Member Benefits

The Athletics NZ Member Benefits Programme is a great way to incentivise people to join your club, so please let all your members know via your websites, club newsletters and at club nights.  These opportunites exist to save money on everything from accomodation, rental cars, flights, event entries, sport medical products and sports gear.  Clubs and Centres can use these discounts too!


Coach Opportunities

Para – Coach Scholarships

In 2016 Athletics NZ in association with The Halberg Trust and Paralympics NZ established the Para-Coach Education Scholarship. Ten scholarships will be offered. Check out the details here. Closing date has been extended to 27 January 2017.  Apply now.

Athletics NZ Coaching Conference

Athletics New Zealand would like to invite you to Wellington for the 2017 Coaching Conference; it’s a great opportunity to network with fellow coaches and extend your knowledge and expertise in coaching. For more information and to register please click on the poster/image below or click on this link: Athletics NZ Coach Conference 2017 - Wellington.

You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! We look forward to seeing you there.



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