13 September 2016

Entries are flooding in for the 53rd Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon 2017!  It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming thousands over the finish line in Rotorua for the 52nd running of the event. Every year there are so many wonderful stories of challenges overcome, departed loved ones remembered, money raised for a worthy cause and people getting out and reaching a personal milestone in the (usually) sunny Rotorua weather!

It always amazes us how many people come back year after year.  The mighty Rotorua Marathon Survivors Club, for those who have completed at least 15 full marathons, now stands at an incredible 531 members!  Each new member receives an embroidered Surviours Club polo, then for every subsequent five year milestone they get a new shirt to honour their achievement.  Whether you've just completed your first Rotorua Marathon or your 21st, you'll still find the same warm, Rotorua welcome as you cross the finish line!  Enter now at www.rotoruamarathon.co.nz

There's lots more in this email, so keep reading.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know that Frances Campbell of Thames recently won a $250 ASICS voucher just for being one of the first 100 to enter the great race. Our partners Thermatech have a new competition running right now on their Facebook page with great prizes to be won. Head over to www.facebook.com/ThermaTechNZ and enter the draw!

You may have noticed we have made some improvements to the Rotorua Marathon website.
We've added some new features that will enhance your experience with New Zealand's premier marathon.
We've added a comprehensive Training area with sections focusing on
Training Programmes, Training Blogs, Footwear and Apparel advice,
Injury Prevention, Watches and Running Clubs.
Have a look at the improvements and check out the new sections.
The other updated feature is the new Online Entry system.

Training properly is the number one difference between those who have an enjoyable marathon experience and those who swear to never don a pair of trainers ever again.
Hayden Shearman (head coach of TempoFit) has put together a training plan that will take you from the couch to the marathon finish line in nine months.
It's also great for more experienced runners who might like to just pick the plan up from January 1 onwards.
For more information on how to train for the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon check out the Training Page of our website.
Hayden is also writing a blog for all the people getting ready for Rotorua Marathon. The blogs will be very useful whether you are a beginner or have been running for a while and compliment the ideas on the TempoFit Training Page.
Hayden Shearman Rotorua Marathon Training Blogs

The correct footwear is very important for runners. Our footwear partners ASICS have some great advice on getting the best shoes for you. Check out the comprehensive advice on our Footwear and Apparel Page

The folks at Healthzone Physiotherapy are going to provide a few tips, tricks, blogs and podcasts of how to get through both the training and race day itself with a minimum of injury interuptions. They'll aim to keep it simple with practical advice that is appropriate for athletes of all levels. Check out the useful advice at Healthzone Rotorua Marathon.

What do you want in a watch for Training or Running? Our friends at Timex have put together some very useful advice about the features that might be useful in a watch for running. Have a look at the Rotorua Marathon website Watches Page.

One of the best things you can do to improve your running is to join a club. Clubs have lots of experts who can give you advice and help you to enjoy running even more. They are very social groups which can offer you assistance, people to run with and lots of support. Head to our Clubs Page to find a suitable club for you.

We're still in Early Bird Entry territory, so ENTER NOW to save money. Don't forget to tell your friends when you have entered and encourage them to join you. Don't forget, there a distance for everyone!

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The Rotorua Marathon Team