5 August 2016



With the winter season now almost over, Regional Officials Coordinators (ROC) are running courses. If you are wishing to attend one these can generally be found on the ANZ Website. Unfortunately they are not always advised for publication, but you can contact your local ROC.

All officials who have an email address in the Officials database have now received two emails inviting them to re-join online. Many of you have done this which gives you the choice of being a Volunteer member or an Officials Association Member at a cost of $20.00. Up to four members living at the same address can join at the same time at a reduced rate. It is important that all officials join up online, even as a $0.00 volunteer. This enables ANZ to know you are still involved. Become an Officials Member here.

National Officials Committee (NOC)
This Committee is responsible for the officiating framework in New Zealand and is also responsible for the education, training and evaluation of officials. The committee has four members who are appointed for a four year term with one retiring annually, but eligible for reappointment. The committee is supported by an Athletics NZ staff member. Recently Trevor Spittle stood down from his position on the committee and was replaced by Jim McIlroy from Wellington. Trevor remains involved with the NOC in his role as Athletics New Zealand Officials Development Manager. The next NOC meeting is on 5 August. Read more ...

Grading Review
In September this year all Officials grading’s are required to be reviewed by the NOC and your local ROC will be running courses leading up to this review so we can hopefully allow all to retain their current grading. To retain their current grading it is a requirement of the ANZ scheme for all to attend two courses within the four year timeframe. . See the full requirements.

If you have renewed your membership to the Athletics NZ Officials Association, you should have received a new 2016 – 2017 Rulebook. This has many amendments which are notated by a double line to the left or right of the text.  Also now available is the new version of The Referee which can be purchased from the Athletics NZ Online Shop. The Referee can also be downloaded as a soft copy from the IAAF website, as can the IAAF Competition Rules. 

Rule Changes & Interpretations
Relays: Athletics New Zealand has on several occasions suggested changes to the IAAF rules and a recent one although turned down on first suggestion has now been relooked at.  This suggestion is to change the acceleration zone to be part of the change zone. This would mean the change zone in a 4 X 100 relay would be 30 metres in total. 20m before the scratch line and 10m after. The IAAF Technical Committee has suggested trials be conducted to see how this would work. Australia has agreed and as the proposer New Zealand should do the same, so watch this space. Comments would be welcome.

Trials: Recently at many competitions the event regulations have reduced the number of rounds from six down to four and in some cases from the top eight to the top six. This occurred at the IAAF U/20 World Championships in Bydgoszcz. This is allowed for under Rule 100, more details here. This page has many interesting interpretations.

Others: If you look at this photo (IAAF Under 20 Champs, Bydgoszcz) you will see the athlete in lane 4 (USA) hit his hurdle and it flicked into lane 5 a Canadian athlete. This obstructed him from running further and showed as a DNF, but with a ‘q’ beside this. The outcome was the Referee DQ’d USA under rule 163.2(b) Obstruction and moved CAN to the next round which was acceptable as the track was 9 lanes. In the full set of results it is seeing how many time the photo was read to 1000th of a second and all Yellow cards, DQ’s etc. 

Officiating Overseas
This year several officials have been overseas to various events including Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) events in Tahiti, Pohnpei, and Fiji. Anthony Curry in his new role with OAA to all three. Keith and Chris Bade to Pohnpei, Joan & Alex Merrilees, Reg Brocket and Trevor Spittle to Fiji. Trevor also went to Tahiti. Next year the OAA Area Championships will be back in Fiji. June 29, 30, July 1. Put it in your diary now.
Trevor has also just returned from the IAAF Under 20 World Championships in Bydgoszcz and along with Ruth Liong will be off to Rio for the Paralympics in September.

World Masters Games
Emails have been sent out inviting you to be an Official at the World Master Games in Auckland April 2017. This will be an extremely large event and Auckland will require assistance with this. Please consider being part of this fantastic event and complete the form at WMG Volunteer website

If you know of an Official who has not received this newsletter it is probably due to them not having a valid email address on the database. Please have them contact me and I will try to sort it out. We want all officials to receive these communications.

Again thank you to all Officials for the work you do. Remember if you have a query or someone to talk to please feel free to contact me or your ROC.

Trevor Spittle
Officials Develop
ment Manager




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