Welcome to the December issue of the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon event newsletter. This month’s issue is full of stuff you need to know to help make your Rotorua Marathon experience the best it can be.
Our iconic event has been around a while, over 50 years, and we’ve seen a lot of changes in running in that time. But especially in the last 20 year's changes have been pretty seismic ….

Making a New Years resolution to run the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon

The thing with New Year's resolutions is they always seem to come after a Christmas of indulgence (funny that!) and the last thing anyone wants is the fun police to say - everything in moderation! The great thing about the Rotorua Marathon is it's nicely positioned at the end of April, so when Dec 31st rolls around and your thinking, as you sip on something chilled at home, the bach, the beach or similar, what will 2016 bring and what's my next fitness challenge, you know you've got four months to get in shape! Easy!

If you haven't entered yet, why not jump on to the website sign up, and miss out on all that New Years resolution agony. It's the grand-daddy of New Zealand marathons and THE one to knock off the bucket list. We'll look forward to seeing you!

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for a special New Year's Resolution Promo Code to grab a discount.

Sports nutrition makes a difference

Our friends at Leppin Sport are again supporting the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon for sports nutrition when you need that extra lift on the course.  You’ll find a sachet of the good stuff in your race pack when you register. A good nutritional tip is always to run using the same nutrition as you train with – you don’t want any event day nasties to kybosh all that hard work and early mornings. 
Leppin Sport have been supporting the Lion Founation Rotorua Marathon and our runners for many years, so thanks again guys! 

Introducing Hayden Sherman...


Great news! Esteemed running coach and owner of TempoFit - Hayden Shearman - has joined the Rotorua Marathon ranks and will be writing fortnightly blogs for our Facebook page to help keep you motivated, your training on track with all the essential coaching tips and give you special Rotorua course specific insights to achieve your goals. Check out his latest blog, it’s a quick, easy to follow read. 
And if you’re in need of some more personalised training you could consider joining Hayden’s Team R16 and he’ll guide you all the way to the finish line on 30 April. 

New charities join the family

We’re thrilled to announce we have invited some new charities to join the family of official charities for the 2016 event. The Rotorua Marathon has always been about giving back to the community that supports it and helping raise vital funds for important causes is a key part of some new initiatives for next year.

So please welcome back Child Cancer Foundation, who have been our incumbent charity for many years, and who are now joined by the Mental Health Foundation, the SPCA and Achilles NZ. These very worthwhile causes can be supported by adding them to your registration at the time of entering the marathon events, or if you have entered already and want to raise money to support their work, go to EveryDay Hero's Rotorua Marathon page, choose your charity and start building your fundraising page today. 

Each month leading into April’s event, we will profile one of the four charities in our event newsletter, share with you their focus and how they are making a difference in your local community. We encourage you to make your run count and please support one of these worthy causes. Thanks!



So, from all of us at the Lion Foundation Rotorua Marathon.....