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Spring e-News  2015

  Open Water Swimming news  

Great news for MSWA and members that Healthway through their LiveLighter health message has agreed to sponsor MSWA’s open water program for the coming two seasons after HBF declined to continue.  For their contribution Healthway has naming rights to our State OWS event, Masters OWS Series and the 2015/16 OWS Calendar. 

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  New OWS Event Equipment and Signage  

Open water event participants will notice a big difference at MSWA Club-hosted events this coming season.  Thanks to a huge amount of work by Cockburn’s Nick Wyatt and Claremont’s Elena Nesci the events will have MSWA branded signage and event equipment will be standardised across all events.  The events in the LiveLighter 2015/16 Masters OWS Series will clearly be seen as Masters events at long last! 

MSWA is thrilled to announce that Nick and his Cockburn off-sider Peter Marr have been appointed OWS Equipment Coordinators and will manage the whole project on behalf of MSWA.  The Host Club event coordinators have formed a supportive and collaborative group to work towards continuous improvement with their events.  MSWA is most appreciative of the efforts the 7 Host Clubs which have contributed to this project in the last 4 months.

  MSWA Local OWS Rules  

A copy of the updated MSWA Local OWS Rules will be loaded on our website. The MSWA Local OWS Rules reflect the consensus reached at the Host OWS Clubs meeting in 2014 that, where possible, rules should be made simpler and easier for swimmers, Host Clubs and officials to use.

  The best example is in relation to swimwear where current MSA swimwear rules have been relaxed to promote participation which will make it much easier for Technical Officials. The only swimwear exception relates to wetsuits, which may be worn but there will be a separate wetsuit category not eligible to win prizes.

  LiveLighter 2016 State OWS  

This event will be held on Saturday 2nd April again at Coogee Beach and will be run under MSA OWS rules and accordingly sanctioned by MSA for insurance purposes.  It is important that all members understand that the relaxation of swimwear rules for the 7 Club-run events under the new MSWA Local OWS Rules does not apply to the LiveLighter 2016 State OWS event.

2016 MSA National Championships  

Interested members should be sourcing travel and accommodation now and regularly visiting the MSA and Victorian Masters websites to check on event information and updates.   A great option for members when only one or 2 travelling from Clubs, is to join up as Black Swans!  Contact the Executive Officer on 9381 3550 or via for information or enquiries.

Membership Information  

Have you checked your data page details to ensure it has your up to date personal details?  Is your email address correct?  Are your emergency details current?  Have you advised your Coach or Club if you have a medical issue, this is most important and will be confidential.  Having members regularly update their own data through the “portal” on their own page is the ongoing aim!

For your information:

  • MSA will email reminders direct to current members to renew their annual membership in December, as members will be unfinancial and not insured from 1st January 2016

  • Clubs are encouraged to also send renewal reminders via the email template and to monitor and mandate membership renewals during December

  Congratulations Clubs and Members  

Member numbers in WA have once again reached an all-time high, with 1,555 members as at 31st August, even before the membership drive period in Spring.  MSWA is thrilled with this success as our ongoing promotions for new members is always directed to for potential members to “find your local Club, check out the Club website or make contact to find out when and where and have a go”.  However loss of members is still an issue so we encourage all Clubs to look after new members to ensure they feel nurtured and then they will stay!  As a member you can assist with this nurturing of new members to retain them.

  LiveLighter Swim into Spring Membership Growth Project  

Again this year our membership numbers are higher than ever and with our LiveLighter Swim into Spring promotion, which coincides with the discount registration period, in full swing now, numbers should grow even more. Thanks to all clubs for their ongoing support in not only attracting new members and keeping them, but also working to retain current members.  

We have provided Clubs with media releases for Clubs (which wish to grow) to conduct activities or displays in Spring to take advantage of the discounted 16-month membership fees to gain new members.  Current members can do their bit by being advocates and encouraging family or friends to join up as “it is much more fun swimming with a Club than on your own”

    LiveLighter 2015/16 Open Water Swims Calendar  

All members should receive a calendar from your Club early in September.  Do chase one up when next you swim at a Club session if not yet received.  Metro aquatic centres will have received their allocation for the general open water swimming community by mid-September and bundles will be sent to other organisations and country pools soon. 

We encourage members to support the OWS events conducted by MSWA Club to be a part of the LiveLighter Masters Open Water Series.  Host OWS Clubs are keen to increase their participation numbers and as they all run such great events including after-event activities, please support them.

STOP PRESS: Correction to Swimming WA event on 31st October - is Saturday not Sunday as per the calendar.

    Club Coach Course  

The new accredited Club Coach Course is underway with the Workshop component being conducted on Sunday 13th September by our Coach Educators Kim Tyler and Elena Nesci and assisted by Director of Coaching ‘Tricia Summerfield.  MSWA is so lucky to have the calibre of these amazing members supporting and working for our sport and our organization.

    Time for Change for Pool Events?  

Clubs have been asked again to think outside the box with regard to pool meets in 2016.  Why have the same events on the same dates every year?  Chat with your Club about hosting an event, something different like the Bunbury Club is doing this weekend with the Sprints & Skins meet.  The Club Captains meeting on Saturday 19th September is when pool events and dates are discussed and drafted, so time is of the essence.

    2016 All Club Challenge  

At the time of writing the plan is to hold this event in October as it is not possible to conduct the event prior to the Nationals meet in Victoria in April, even though this was agreed in principle at the May Council of Clubs meeting.  A pre-Nationals meet is being planned for 9/10 April weekend for those heading to Melbourne Nationals, with venue and format to be confirmed.

    Technical Officiating  

Acknowledgement must go to our wonderful Technical Officials who have assisted at pool events and will again front up to officiate at our LiveLighter OWS series events this summer. This group of officials should be recognized for the time they volunteer for the greater good of other members and I encourage members to thank them for their voluntary work when at carnivals or OWS events.

Technical Education Coordinator Ken Phillips is keen to conduct specific officiating workshops or courses at your Club.  It is getting to the stage that the number of qualified Technical Officials has decreased to a point that the conduct of pool meets will be in jeopardy unless more members participate in the officiating pathway after achieving timekeeping accreditation.  It is not difficult and can be very enjoyable as you can swim as well as officiate at most pool meets.  Please consider your Club’s needs and how you can help as a volunteer official - let Ken know via .  We need you!

    I Love Masters Swimming Stickers  

Clubs have been provided with a sticker for all members.  Although not officially a car bumper sticker they do look good for a while!  Put them somewhere prominent to promote your membership of our great sport.

  2015 Australian Masters Games  

Click on the titles below to find out more about the Australian Masters Games in Adelaide, 3 - 10 October 2015.

   Information on the Games

  MSWA Promotions  

MSWA has a Marketing and Development plan which underpins our annual Operational Plan and the current Strategic Plan.  It includes ongoing membership growth projects which are coordinated by our part-time Project Coordinator Nadine Georgiades and the following promotional activities:

  • Cross-promotions with Rottnest Channel Swim Association – identified Clubs (12) which support and have experience and expertise for Rottnest Channel swimmers are listed on the RSCA website (Events/Training & Preparation/Join a Club) and a specific flyer was provided to attendees at the RSCA Swimmers Seminar this month.  A membership growth advert will again be included in the 2016 Rottnest Channel race-book to encourage membership of MSWA Clubs
  • Cross-promotions with Triathlon WA - a specific flyer was provided to TriWA for their newsletter in August to encourage Masters membership via website link
  • Sandgropers Club – promotions continue for our “virtual” Club which is now open to metro swimmers as well as country swimmers, however we still encourage membership of our traditional Clubs as first and best option
  • The West Australian Mind & Body section – look out for the next Masters piece mid-September which will promotes how great belonging to a Masters Club is for adult swimmers
  Two West Aussies go to Kazan  

The FINA World Masters Championships were held in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia from August 7th to the 16th, 2015.

Lynne Duncan and I, Ken Phillips, responded to applications to attend as International Technical Officials and were accepted.  There were twelve internationals; two each from Nigeria, Senegal, Hungary, Australia, three from Ukraine and one from Costa Rica.  And of course, a lot of Russians.

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  Vorgee Million Metre Program  
  This is a great program for all members to log their training and event distances and start on your journey to claiming some great Vorgee prizes starting from 1 million!.  For more information click here.  
  Endurance 1000 Program  
  Don't forget about our Endurance 1000 program which is a great way to measure your aerobic fitness.  Encourage your fellow club members to get into distance pool meets. Click here for more information.  
  Black Swans Club  

For your information the Black Swans Club was established in 2008 for WA swimmers (water polo players or triathletes) who did not belong to a traditional MSWA Club but wanted to swim at the World Championships here in Perth. 

Since then we have tried to re-establish the Club for members who might be the only one or two members from their Club traveling to National or International meets and would like to swim in relays with other WA members as a second claim member of Black Swans.  Or another option is to join a larger participating Club as a second-claim member to be part of their travelling team.  It is a great option to have all WA members together and supporting each other at National or World swim meets and enjoy relay swims.  So if any member is interested for Melbourne 2016 please let me know by 30th October 2015.

  Vorgee have a great offer on club and personalised logo caps.  Click here for more details.  
  Member Insurance Information  

For all events, training sessions and activities promoted (via emails, websites, announcements) and conducted by your Club as a member you are covered for personal accident insurance through MSA - a summary of which is on the MSWA website.  State-run events such as LiveLighter All Club Challenge and LiveLighter State OWS are also covered under MSA insurance. 

However the exception as highlighted in the President’s Piece in this edition of ENews, is now the OWS events conducted by our 7 Host Clubs (Maida Vale, Melville, Fremantle, Claremont, Mandurah, Cockburn and Albany) which are now covered under a separate insurance cover taken out by MSWA.

  Club News  

Westcoast Masters

Did someone say Spring! Yes, I think we are looking forward to the warm, sunny days.  Membership continues to be in the high 120’s, with new swimmers constantly on the radar.  Click here to read more.


Stadium Masters

Once again we lucked in with a lovely sunny winter’s day in June for our 1500 Metre Distance Swim in an outdoor pool. This one always seems to be popular with other clubs - could be something to do with it being the first one on the calendar for the year!  Lots of State records were broken and some National, too. Well done to all swimmers.  Click here to read more.





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