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Ready for competition or maybe your first?


Archery is great fun and competing at events is even better! If this is your first time competing or you are a seasoned competitor, its time to wax the strings, check your vanes, replace those cracked nocks and get ready to do battle against your personal best. Everyone is welcome to enter the Archery NSW events no matter how long you have been shooting or how good you are. As long as you can put six arrows on the target at your distance, then it’s time to have a go!  It's all music to a toxophilite’s (archers) ears.

So Archers, ANSW are pleased to invite you to join the upcoming tournaments. If you have any questions please contact me.


Craig Young

ANSW Tournament Coordinator


Age Groups: (up to and including the year) Cubs > 13, Intermediate >15, Cadet > 17, Under 20 > 20 Open > 49, Masters > 59, Veteran > 69, Veteran 70+


ANSW Short Course Championships – Enter HERE

Certainly one of the best attended events on the calendar. It is an event that suits all ages and disciplines. It is a great event for all archers and we hope to see the shooting line packed again this year!

FITA 900 or Canberra rounds shoot 90 arrows over 3 distances 3x30 – a max score of 900. With practice rounds the event takes about 3 - 4 hours. It’s a nice easy shoot on 122cm face.

  • FITA 900 – 30 arrows @ 60M – 30 arrows @ 50M – 30 arrows @ 40m 
  • Short Canberra - 30 arrows @ 50M – 30 arrows @ 40M – 30 arrows @ 30m 
  • Junior Canberra - 30 arrows @ 40M – 30 arrows @ 30M – 30 arrows @ 20m 

To see which round you shoot see the AA table HERE


ANSW Field Championships – Enter HERE

Field archery is one of the more exciting disciplines of archery. Typically groups of 4 people move from target to target, which means plenty of time to renew friendships or make new ones. With a wide variety of courses available throughout NSW the events are sure to see increased attendance and competition. Archers shoot from different coloured pegs based on age and bow type. Archers should have site settings for every 5 meters & takes approx. 4-5 hours.

  • Red Peg max distance 60M
  • Blue Peg max distance 50M
  • Yellow Peg max distance 40M

To see which round you shoot see the AA table HERE 


ANSW Target Championships – Enter HERE

The more traditional target event – shot over the longer distance, 144 arrows this is a great event to see how you are realy shooting. This event can be hard work but it is a great day out. FITA rounds shoot 144 arrows over 4 distances 4x36 – a max score of 1400. With practice rounds the event takes about 5 - 6 hours.

To see which round you shoot see the AA table HERE 


ANSW Clout Championships – Entries not open

A white vertical triangle represents the “Clout”. Lobbing arrows somewhare between 100 - 180 meters at a target laid out on the ground is both challenging and rewarding, every archer should participate at least once. Its an excellent discipline and a great day out. It is certainly one of the more social disciplines with the scoring shared amongst archers and plenty of time to chat walking to and from the target. Clout shoot at distances from 100m – 180m.  With practice rounds the event takes about 2 - 3 hours. Different age groups and division shoot different distances.

To see which round you shoot see the AA table HERE  


Craig Young - Tournament Coordinator

Archery NSW
Sports House | Olympic Park