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ANSW Constitutional Review - Special General Meeting 1st August 2015


Several people have asked about the proposed changes to the ANSW constitution. While all the information is on the ANSW website I thought a quick Q&A might help. Warning- reading the rest of this email may cause nausea or drowsiness but we ask you proceed with caution ...

WHY CHANGE? The best way to understand the need for change is to read the current constitution and the constitution template recommended by the Australian Sports Commission & NSW Sport & Rec with ANSW Proposed Constitution Mark- up HERE. The difference is chalk and cheese. The current constitution is no longer compliant due to the world changing around it. Updating the constitution is not a matter of choice, ANSW clubs have an obligation to act on behalf of you the members. 

THE PROCESS A comprehensive process has been undertaken. Stakeholder meetings have been held, open to anyone wishing to participate between November 2014 and May 2015. In May 2015 an open meeting was held to discuss the proposed draft. All clubs have been invited to all meeting and all correspondence has been published on the ANSW website. If you have made it this far keep going your doing well...


Where did the proposed constitution come from?
A.  NSW Sport & Rec and the Australian Sports Commission template has been used with the min number of changes to make it relate to Archery NSW.

What are the changes to voting rights for clubs?
A. Currently clubs have proportional voting, bigger clubs have more votes. The vast majority of clubs have requested that ANSW move to one vote one club. This is the voting structure supported by the model rules and is used by the vast majority of Sate Sporting Organisations including the other Archery RGB's.

What are the changes to the Committee?
A. The model rules and current best practice for State Sporting Organisations is to be run by a Board where board members have generic roles so they can all pitch in and help. The current constitution has 10 specific roles. The proposed constitution has a 5 member Board with the provision for the board to appoint two additional people to make a total of 7. Over the last few years ANSW has not been able to fill all 10 positions on the committee.  

What would happen to the other roles or function like Junior Coordinator etc?
A. The Board will appoint people to these functions, just like AA do. ANSW currently have people performing roles in this way; State Coach, Team manager, Officials etc.

Where are all the policies and regulations that are mentioned in the proposed constitution?
A. Regulations and Policies are not included or attached to the constitution. Current best practice is the separation of regulations and policies from the constitution, this is the sames as our current constitution. 

Why is there a need for clubs to reaffiliate each year?
A. Fortunately Archery NSW has never had this problem. Some Sports do. Its a preventive measure that is in the template suggested by the Australian Sports Commission and NSW Sport & Rec. It provides for ANSW to not accept a clubs membership where the club is not acting in line with ANSW Objectives as outline in the constitution.    

How many general meetings are there?
A. There are two (2) meeting each year. The AGM and a half year strategic forum which includes the Board presenting half year reports. This is the same governance as a listed company. ANSW general meetings are very poorly attended, many only just having a quorum. They historically transact manly administrative issues. 

Will the Board have more power than the Committee currently does?
A. In some areas yes. The Board will operate inline with the majority of other State Sporting Organisations and as recommended by Australian Sports Commission and NSW Sport & Rec. The last major decision by a ANSW General Meeting was to buy timing clocks. 

How are the members protected, specifically the association's funds?
A. Board Directors (just like the existing Committee members) have a Statutory Fiduciary obligation to act in the members best interest as outlined in the constitution. Directors face criminal charges if they do the wrong thing. No different to now. 
A. Members have the right to call a Special General Meeting at any time. Just like they do now. The Board MUST respond. Under the proposed constitution small clubs have more redress and large clubs are limited from acting on their own. The proposed constitution is therefore more equitable.   

The Committee are guardians are the process, the clubs collectively are in control of the content and direction of constitution. If you would like any more information please call me, I am only too happy to discuss. 


Nigel Matthews - President

Archery NSW
Sports House | Olympic Park
Phone: 0481223557