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ANSW REPORT CARD - the first 6 months


Six months in the job and I thought it appropriate to provide a comprehensive update of what has been happening and celebrate some of the early achievements. ANSW is an awkward size, a little like a gangly teenager, not big enough to have paid staff, but big enough that ANSW needs structure and support to continue to provide services to clubs and archers to enable the sport to grow. All of the volunteers contribute a significant amount of time each week to making the sport run. I would like to thank each of them for their ongoing contribution, together with the club administrators, they make ANSW & each of the clubs run.

There has been a two prong approach to improving communication. A review of internal processes removed some internal roadblocks, improvement was achieved by allowing each of the ANSW officers to communicate with clubs directly. The volume and timeliness of communication has improved significantly. Duplication was removed by focusing on ANSW information and not recirculating AA information. Direct communication from ANSW to individual members has also improved the level and quality of information as it ensures that everyone has the same and relevant information. Utilizing the Archery Australia database, ANSW has been the first to use HTML formatted emails (like this one) proving the professional image of the sport.
The second prong has been to improve ANSW understanding of each club and their needs by visiting each club. I have visited many metro and regional clubs, still lots to go, but the process has been started. In addition ANSW officers have been in contact with many clubs, not just the metro and larger clubs but many of the regional and smaller clubs too.

Club Support
Clubs have been offered a range of support with the Archery Australia Data Base and accessing the free IMG website (not as much progress here as I would like). ANSW has scheduled two workshops to support clubs with Archers Diary in January & February this year. ANSW have provided support to individual clubs working through strategy, council & tenanting issues and supporting with incorporation and constitutional changes. The team have also been assisting two new clubs who are looking to join ANSW. By making all ANSW meetings both physical and online, this has supported and included new individuals and clubs to participate in the meetings, growing support and engagement. All clubs are welcome to join the ANSW meetings via online, these have been very successful.

Website & Facebook
The new website has provided two key benefits, firstly is has saved approximately $2000 per year as it is FREE as part of Archery Australia’s benefit package for clubs and RGB’s. Secondly is allows each of the key ANSW team access to update pages as they need to. This means more relevant information in a timely manner. The site still has a way to go but is functional. The change to the URL will help with SEO and is more reflective of our organisation.
The Facebook page is up and provides another access and information point for members and potential members. This launch was not trouble free with the initial competition not working as well as it could have. This aside there are 360 people who are following the page, 3 times the number of people who participated in ANSW competitions last year and 20% of the total ANSW membership. The next step is a digital media plan to incorporate the website and Facebook content. If there is anyone out there who would like to gain experience creating and implementing a digital media strategy the ANSW team would be interested in talking to you.

Events & Calendar
Another area of progress is the ANSW calendar (although a little late in its publication) it's comprehensive and well presented, something we as a sport can be proud of. Clubs have also taken the digital format and added their own club events in to make a profession calendar for the club that has AA, ANSW and their club information.  In 2014 some events were hosted by clubs (Field and Clout), while the target events were run by ANSW. In reality these target events were run by the tireless efforts of one person, this is not sustainable. The aim for 2015 is that clubs will run all the ANSW events, in this way Clubs can make a little money, ANSW can make a little money and everyone wins by being able to keep prices down. We are targeting a $45 entry for any event, one price for everyone (this may not be possible for indoor – TBA). Most importantly clubs and their members can enjoy hosting events, this is a real privilege. Collectively, as ANSW grow our collective ability to host events, over time clubs will have the skills to attract major AA and international events.  ANSW will soon be calling for expressions of interest for 2016 events so pre planning can be done similarly to the way Archery Australia runs National events.

Youth Development
The YDP is also an area of exciting progress. ANSW has secured a major sponsor in Benson Archery to provide a NSW shirt to each NSW Archer completing in Youth Nationals at no cost. After several years of division and segregation, providing every NSW Youth Archer attending the Youth Nationals is a great first step in unifying our state, clubs and kids.  Andrew Crampton will be responsible for the NSW Youth team at Youth Nationals & the Youth Development program until the next AGM. Thank you to Steve Salmon for his support over the last few years. After Youth Nationals the Youth Development program will move from Club to Club around the state giving as many young Archers exposure to ANSW coaches and the program. This is again a huge privilege for clubs and we look forward to clubs embracing and supporting the YDP to be a program for everyone. Thank you to Penrith City Archers (my club) for hosting the Youth Development days leading up to Youth Nationals at no cost to ANSW and provide a free sausage sandwich & water for all the kids.

Coaching Development
ArcheryNSW has continued the Archery Instructors Accreditation Programs, with 3 courses being held at different locations around NSW, with some 27 archers receiving accreditation over 9 clubs.  Some of our more seasoned archers also took this as an opportunity to attend to update-their-coaching knowledge for reaccreditation purposes.  These courses will continue on demand.  The Club Coach accreditation is currently under review and as more information comes to light, this will be distributed.

Open State Team Development Squad
It had been a long time since ArcheryNSW had instigated support for potential State Team athletes.  Several Development days were held to assist the athletes prepare for the Nationals and ensure their mindset was where it needed to be and our thanks should go to those coaches who assisted with the programme, David Tamsett / Peter Feeney / Ricci Cheah & Steve Jennison. A great result was held for NSW with the Recurve team winning Silver and the Compound team winning Gold becoming the National Teams Champions for 2014.

ANSW Committee
With four new members of the committee joining the team in August 2014 the dynamic of the team changed. As one of those new members (President - PCA), along with Simon Fairall (Secretary - SOPA) and Craig Young (Tournament - PCA) the first six months have been a period of adjustment as the team blends new enthusiasm with the experience of Elizabeth Jennison (Coaching - WAR) , Julie Tonowicz (VP Membership – SOPA) & Andrew Crampton (VP Publicity Coast). Four members of the team have also moved on for a range of personal reasons, on behalf of the membership we thank each of them for their service. There are 4 vacancies on the ANSW Committee of Management, Andrew is holding down the additional responsibilities of Junior Coordinator until the next AGM. Julie is supporting with completing the accounts. We welcome expressions of interest from any member who would like to commit to service on the CoM till the next AGM or the SGM when the new constitution will be voted on. The average contribution of CoM members is about 10 hour per week. If you are interested in joining the CoM, in the first instance please contact myself for a private conversation.   

The need for an updated constitution is understood by the vast majority of clubs. After several unsuccessful attempts over the last few years the ANSW team have implemented an open consultation process to assist in a successful change this time. The process is open to ALL clubs and any individual wishing to be part of the process. There have been 3 sessions so far, with 3 sessions to go before a draft document will be produced in line with the consultation process. These meetings have had mixed support the largest meeting having 7 clubs represented. The minutes are circulated to every club and can be found on the ANSW website HERE.  

3 Year Plan
ANSW has a 3 year plan. Currently in its draft form the plan was developed with input from all clubs (based on me calling every club for a chat and visiting many clubs in person late last year). The draft plan was then presented at the November General meeting and is on the ANSW website HERE. The plan was then open for a consultation period until 1 Feb 2015, feedback was received from two clubs and the NSW PCYC. The plan was sent to Archery Australia and NSW Sport & Recreation for comment. The plan will be reviewed in light of the feedback and implemented in the coming months.

Group Purchasing
ANSW has been able to negotiate a range of great deals for clubs by combining the collective purchasing power; new timing clocks & Wi-Fi kits have been the first with a deal on other consumables to follow shortly. If there is anything else clubs would like to think about please let us know.

Policies & Procedures
In the background the team have been working at bringing the mix of policy documents and regulations in to a contemporary set of Policies and Procedures following the ISO 9001 format. These are available as drafts on the website for consultation HERE. ANSW has a governance obligation to have a comprehensive range of policies, this is a gap we are working to address as quickly as possible.

Safe Shooting Guidelines
In response to several incidents involving the general public ANSW have produced a set of safe shooting guidelines that are now published on ANSW website. In consultation with equipment suppliers, ANSW will ask that the ANSW Safe Shooting flyer is provided with each bow sale.

The teams focus has been working on the foundations issues of governance. None the less ANSW has participated in an ABC sports interview and was able to host stands at Events Cinemas for the launch of the Hunger Games. Andrew continues to attract opportunities for the publication of results in the Sydney papers and provide opportunities for each club with their local papers.

As you can see it’s been a busy 6 months. The short term objectives are to get the 3 Year plan locked in, Constitution approved by the clubs and prepare for the years competition events by reviewing ANSW policies and event formats to ensure they are financially viable. These key things are the underlying elements of a sound governance framework. If you have any questions please call or email me directly by replying to this email.


Nigel Matthews - President

Archery NSW
Sports House | Olympic Park
Phone: 0481223557