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Happy Holiday Season

Congratulations on your contribution to another great year for Masters Swimming in Australia. Whether you were a regular swimmer, technical or club official or a coach (or all of them) then you can take a bow!

2013 saw a continuing increase in memberships, sponsorships, profile and communication across the sport. There are lots of ways to engage in the masters swimming fitness, friendship & fun network and I hope you have found your niche.

The flagship event for MSA is the National Championships and MSNSW delivered a wonderful event in Sydney in April. Next year we travel to regional Queensland, to Rockhampton, to test the renovated FINA compliant outdoor 50m pool and to experience some country hospitality. An extra feature will be the Open water swim at Yeppoon. Hope you can join us. There will be the added opportunity for Clubs with 5 to 50 members to win one of two inaugural trophies for their combined performance and participation - Life Member's Trophy for Clubs with 5-20 members and the President's Trophy for Clubs with 21-50 members. So if you haven’t been before – this is the year!

The 2014/15 Swim Series will be launched at the Nationals – you can find more information about this exciting new initiative below.

The open water season is well underway around Australia and if that is your passion, we wish you every success and hope that you enjoy your swims and the event atmosphere that goes with these events. We are proud of the fact that so many of our members are rewarded for their preparation and training throughout the year with medals and good placings when they put it all to the test.

There are a number of people who generously give up their time to make Masters Swimming the enjoyable activity that it is. While they are too numerous to thank individually, I would like to thank all our national committees and volunteers. Also all the coaches, volunteers and technical officials that make our organisation tick. In particular I would like to thank Noeleen, Emma and Jane for their efforts this year. I also want to wish Noeleen well in her swimming, we will get her to swim at the nationals eventually!

Best wishes to you and your family and friends for the 2013 festive season and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2014.

Craig Smith
MSA President


2014 Registrations Now Open

12 Month Subscriptions for 2014 are now open. All members with the end financial date of December 31 2013 are now "pending" and are encouraged to log onto the Member Portal and register for a 12 month membership for 2014. Whilst in the portal, make sure that your personal details are up-to-date. 

Club Registrars and Secretaries are asked to check that they have turned on the 12month subscription and if applicable your second claim option. Your 4 and 16 month Membership subscriptions should no longer be viewable on the member portal.

Club Registrars and Secretaries will be able to help those who experience any difficulties with this process. To retrieve forgotten passwords, or need assistance in registering, please contact your Masters Swimming Branch.

CLICK HERE to visit the Member Portal and register for 2014.

New Look for Masters Swimming Australia

Masters Swimming Australia has refreshed our image so there is a consistent and modern look across all of the communication tools and programs. The other good news is that the seven branches have adopted the national branding; and they too will be rolling out their changes in the coming months.

In October, the new MSA and Branch logos were launched. Following on from the re-branding launch, MSA launched a new look website in November, with all Branches to follow suit by early 2014. New certificates and updated Vorgee Million Metres awards have also been designed.

Visit the Masters Swimming Australia website today to see the changes

Vorgee Endurance 1000 Program



The MSA Vorgee Endurance 1000 Portal will close at midnight on Tuesday January 14, 2014. All 2013 submissions for the Vorgee Endurance 1000 Program must be received by that date, as per the Endurance 1000 rules. 

Before submitting results, all recorders are asked to check all club results for accuracy. 

Pauline Samson
National Recorder


Vorgee Million Metres Program


The final Vorgee Million Metres awards were sent from the National Office in early December. The order, to members from MSNSW, MSWA, MSSA, MSTas and MSQ, included new look Vorgee Million Metres certificates, plaques and apparel as part of the rebranding project by MSA.

The biggest order for 2013 saw fifteen members added to their respective Vorgee Million Metres clubs (2 x one million metres, 3 x two million metres, 7 x three million metres and 2 x five million metres).
CLICK HERE to view the members of the Vorgee Million Metres Club.

The next Vorgee Million Metres submission date is Friday January 31.
CLICK HERE to download the Vorgee Million Metres Application Form.


MSA in the News

Swim Yourself Slim in Prevention Magazine Australia

Masters Swimming Australia and Vorgee have featured in this month's issue of Prevention Magazine Australia. 

"Swimming exercises every part of your body and improves flexibility. So why not join Masters Swimming for fitness as well as friendship and fun?"

The advertisement for MSA has already aroused interest with a handful of new members contacting the National office.


Masters Swimming South Australia partner with Channel 9

Masters Swimming South Australia is pleased to announce its partnership with Channel 9 for the Channel 9 State Open Water Swim Series for 2013-14. The swim series consists of 10 open water swims held along the spectacular South Australian coastline over the coming summer. 
CLICK HERE to read more about the partnership.

If you live in South Australia, keep an eye out for an up-coming advertisement on Channel 9 featuring some of our own members.

Aqualicious Turns 10

In September Aqualicious celebrated their 10th anniversary! It was a fantastic gala for the MSQ club, which celebrated the club’s achievements and its evolution over the years, from the “little club that could”, to the “big club that did”.

CLICK HERE to take a trip down memory lane with some photos.

Coaching Corner

What makes coaching "GREAT"?

Coaches are a valuable part of the MSA community and MSA has a combination of professional and voluntary coaches. Have you been thinking of becoming a coach?
CLICK HERE for some motivation to become an Intro Coach today.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the MSA Coaching Accreditation.

Age Does Matter Peter Reaburn PhD

For many swimmers, if they are going to train hard for an event, they like to look for every advantage they can get. Being the baby in a 5-year age group has always been seen to be one of those advantages.

CLICK HERE to discover if it is....

Technical Corner


Simplified Guide to Rule Changes

There are a number of rule changes that come into effect in Masters Swimming in Australia on 1 January 2014. The MSA Technical Committee has put together a document to simply explain the rule changes.

CLICK HERE to see the full rules (October 2013) and the layman's explanation.

Become a Technical Official in 2014

Technical officials are those hard working ladies and gentlemen who ensure swim meets and competitions are run fairly and according to the Rules. There are a number of technical officials roles and MSA offers the technical courses for these positions.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the MSA Technical Official Accreditations.

Events Corner
2014 MSA National Event Dates


When:   April 23 - 27 2014.

Where:  Southside Memorial Pool in Rockhampton & Yeppoon (OWS).

Registration Dates: Registrations are now open and  close on March 14th 2014

To register for the 2014 Rockhampton National Championships
CLICK HERE to visit the MSQ website.



The 2013/14 Open Water Swim Season is underway throughout Australia.

MSNSW began their OWS with the North Curl Curl and Biathlon swims last weekend.

MSSA and Channel 9 have joined together for the Channel 9 State Series, which began last weekend with the Seacliffe Swim. 
CLICK HERE for the MSSA OWS Calendar.

MSV have hosted three Open Water Season Training Sessions for their members throughout November/December in preparation for the Cousins Travel Great Victorian Swim Series. The final session is this Sunday (December 15).
CLICK HERE for the MSV OWS Calendar.

MSWA's OWS season began in October. Throughout summer, seven HBF OWS events will be run by MSWA, with the fourth event this Sunday (December 15).
CLICK HERE for the MSWA OWS Calender.



The inaugural Masters Swimming Australia 2014/15 Swim Series will be launched at the 39th National Championships in Rockhampton 23-27 April 2014.

There will be eight events in the series – the 2014 National Championships and one event from each of the Masters Swimming Branches. 2014/15 Awards will be presented/announced at the 2015 National Championships Presentation Function in Hobart.

CLICK HERE for more information on the National Swim Series.


In 2014, there will be four MSA sanctioned Postal Swims throughout the year.

  • Wests Auburn Masters 500m Turtle Swim
    January 1 to April 30

  • Twin Towns Enduro Challenge Postal Swim
    February 1 to March 31

  • Bunbury AUSSI Stingers Winter Postal
    May 1 to June 30

  • Tuggeranong Trifecta
    July 1 to August 31

CLICK HERE for more information on the 2014 MSA Postal Swims.

Don't forget all MSA Branches host State Swims throughout the year.
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Branch News


New South Wales

MSNSW were thrilled when Ettalong Pelicans member, Paul Lemmon was named the 2013 NSW Sports Federation Masters Athlete of the Year for his work with Life Saving.

MSNSW have also welcomed two new clubs: Hurstville and SLC Aquadot.

CLICK HERE to read their e-newsletter.


Northern Territory

MSNT have jumped into social media with a new Facebook page.

CLICK HERE and make sure you "Like" MSNT.


MSQ members are looking forward to welcoming fellow MSA members to Rockhampton in April for the Nationals. 20 year old Louise Elliott and nearly 80 year old Don Jones - both from the Gladstone Gropers - will be there. Will you?

CLICK HERE to see who else will be in attendance.
CLICK HERE to register for the 2014 National Championships.

South Australia

Masters Swimming South Australia celebrated 2013 with the Annual Presentation Dinner on November 23, while Atlantis Masters are looking towards the Pub to Pub Swim on January 12th with their fundraiser for childhood cancer.

CLICK HERE for more details.



MSV clubs are focusing on their coaching teams as the year draws to an end, with the Nunawading Orcas hiring a new coach and the Heidelberg Flyers searching for someone to lead them in 2014. The date for the first MSV Intro Coaching Course has been set for Sunday March 23rd.

MSV have also welcomed two new clubs: Vicentre and Melbourne H2O.

CLICK HERE to read more from MSV.

Western Australia

MSWA held a LiveLighter Super Clinic on November 30th, aimed at providing practical training for new coaches. It also allowed members from MSWA a chance to catch up socially outside of competition.

CLICK HERE to keep up-to-date with MSWA.

Need something to read by the pool this summer?

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Human Kinetics Offer

While Masters Swimming members receive 15% off most titles, by using the code MS2013, this month you can receive 20% off the two titles below by using the promotional code MS20. 

  • Swimming Anatomy by Ian McLeod (2010)
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  • Stretching Anatomy 2nd Edition by Arnold Neslon, Jouko Kokkonen (2014)
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CLICK HERE to visit Vorgee's website.

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This email was prepared and sent by Jane Barnes.
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