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December 2012 Edition 
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2013 - 12 Month Subscriptions Now Open

12 Month Subscriptions for 2013 opened on December 1st. All members with the end financial date of December 31 2012 are now "pending" and are encouraged to log onto the Member Portal and register for a 12 month membership for 2013. Whilst in the portal, make sure that your personal details are up-to-date. 

Club Registrars and Secretaries are asked to check that they have turned on the 12month subscription and that 4 and 16month Membership subscriptions are no longer viewable on the member portal.

Club Registrars and Secretaries will be able to help those who experience any difficulties with this process. To retrieve forgotten passwords, please contact your Masters Swimming Branch.

VALE - Perc Edwards

A week after competing in the 2012 Alice Springs Masters Games, the MSWA community was shaken by the loss of a beloved member, Perc Edwards.
In honour of his devotion to his club, Claremont Masters, and the MSWA community, a volunteer award has been named in his honour.

CLICK HERE to read WA's tribute to a dedicated member of MSA.

VALE - Malcolm Heath


In late November, MSNSW lost a truly inspirational member, Malcolm Heath. A former member of the National Board and the first ever accredited Race Starter in Australia, Malcolm also represented NSW as the Delegate to MSA. He will be missed greatly by many Masters members and his club, Wests Auburn.

CLICK HERE to read NSW's tribute to the selfless member of MSA.

MSA welcomes Mackenzie Rose

In mid-October, the MSA office was pleased to hear that our Administration Manager, Emma Evans announced a new addition to her family. On the 13th of October, Emma, her husband and their daughter Charlotte, warmly welcomed Mackenzie Rose to the world.

CLICK HERE to read the latest on Emma and Mackenzie.

2013 National Championships - SYDNEY

2013 is less than a month away, so start thinking about what you want out of next year and book your trip to the 2013 Nationals in Sydney!

CLICK HERE for the latest news bulletin from MSNSW.

CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date event information.

World Masters Games - Torino 2013

In August 2013, Masters athletes from 33 countries will be venturing to Torino in Italy, for the World Masters Games. Katie Lewis, from Campbelltown Collegians AUSSI Masters in NSW, hopes to be an Australian heading over. However, due to illness, her mother is no longer able to make the journey with Katie. As a result Katie is looking for a group of MSA members to accompany her on her first trip overseas.

If you think you can help Katie, or you are also looking for team mates, please contact your Branch Secretary. 

CLICK HERE to read the latest newsletters from Torino

2012 Alice Springs Masters Games

October 13 - 20 saw masters athletes pour into Alice Springs for the 2012 Alice Springs Masters Games. With 33 sports on offer, MSA was watching closely as 190 entrants dived into the Swimming events. Swimming competitors took part in a program that allowed new records to be set, as it was the first time the event had been held in a 25m pool.

CLICK HERE to view happy snaps taken from the event

2012 Pan Pacific Masters Games

The Pan Pacs Masters swimming events drew 471 people to the Gold Coast for numerous swimming events. This number including the youngest and oldest competitors in the games! A huge thank you to Helga Ward and the MSQ team for all their hard work and organisation.

CLICK HERE to view photos taken at Pan Pacs

Volunteer Profile - South Australia

Leanne and Phil Beames, members of MSSA club Atlantis, are a wonderful asset to the Masters Swimming community! In 1997, Leanne became the MSSA Recorder, while Phil took up the position of Swim Meet Director in 1998. Since taking on the original positions, the two have held numerous roles on the MSSA committee.

CLICK HERE to read about Leanne and Phil Beames extensive input in the MSSA and MSA communities.

Coaching Corner

Efficiency in Swimming
By Peter Reaburn 

It’s a bummer getting older. While we still feel strong in the water, when we look up at the clock doing repeat 50’s or 100’s, the second hand appears broken because it’s 1-2 second slower per year! Surely there are some things we can do to stop the inevitable slowdown in swim times. Here is some Italian research giving us some insights into reasons why we slow down with age and more importantly, what we can do about it.

CLICK HERE to read more.

It's Not About Swimming Harder
By Brenton Ford - Powerpoints Coach (MSV)

When we want to swim faster, the first thing we think of is to train harder. Luckily there is more to swimming than simply working harder in your sessions. If you’re wondering how to improve in the pool, here are a few things that might increase your speed or simply make you feel better in the water. 

CLICK HERE to read more.


Visualise yourself to victory
By Stephen Cornelius - Miami Masters Coach (MSQ)

Visualisation is an important training tool to help get you to the top of your game. A famous example is American Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps. He had a secret weapon on most of his competitors and it wasn’t just his high training ethic and perfectly sculpted swimmers’ body. 

CLICK HERE to read more.

Technical Article

DQ’d on the last turn in the 800m Fly!
By John Marshall - Technical Director, Masters Swimming Victoria

“I got DQ’d on the last turn in the 800m Fly! Why would the officials do that to me? It wouldn’t have made any difference to the result.” 

CLICK HERE to find out why it is important that technical officials report all infringements.

News from the Branches

New South Wales

MSNSW member, Tony Goodwin, has been named the 2012 NSW Masters Athlete of the Year at an awards ceremony held at the Sofitel Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. Tony was up against many outstanding nominees, including fellow MSNSW member and friend, Paul Lemmon. Congratulations to Tony for capping off a brilliant year.

CLICK HERE to read more about Tony Goodwin.

Northern Territory

In October, 24 Darwin Stingers members travelled to Singapore to take part in the Singapore Masters Meet. Not only was it a trip away for the group, but many of them came home with medals.

CLICK HERE to read about the Stingers trip to Singapore.


In early November, Queensland was buzzing with Masters Swimmers who attended the 2012 Pan Pacific Games. The event was a huge success, thanks to the organisational skills of Helga Ward.

CLICK HERE to read the MSQ December e-news.

South Australia

On November 17th, the Adelaide Zoo was the venue for the MSSA Branch Dinner. The night not only saw many brilliant costumes, but Atlantis win the Interclub Relay Shield, Joy Page (SAT) win the Female Swimmer award and Grant Simpson (SHB) win the Male Swimmer Award. Congratulations to all.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Branch Dinner and other events from MSSA.


On November 17th, the Long Distance Long Course was held at Hobart Aquatic. The successful event was attended by members from Launceston Lemmings, Hobart, Talays and The Van Diemans Team.

CLICK HERE for the MSTas Long Distance Long Course results.


In late November there was excitement in the MSV office when the North Lodge "Golden Girls" were officially rewarded with the 360+ World Record. However, MSV members kept aiming higher, with more World Records (yet to be verified) broken at the Long Distance Long Course event.

CLICK HERE to read the December edition of On the Blocks - MSV enews.

Western Australia

WA has dived into the 2012/13 Open Water Swimming Season, with multiple events having already been conducted. In preparation for the Rottnest Channel Swim, MSWA are currently looking for event volunteers.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in volunteering for the February 23rd event.  

News from the Clubs

MSA welcomes two new clubs who have joined the Masters Swimming community in recent months:

  • Blue Lake Y(SBL) - South Australia
  • Canungra (QCM) - Queensland

Three existing clubs have also changed their club name:

  • Beatty Park Masters (WOP) - formally Osborne Park Masters
  • Darwin Stingers (CDW) - formally Darwin AUSSI
  • Northern Masters (VHU) - formally Hume City Masters
'SWIM EASY' - The new book and DVD by John Konrads


Swimming guru, John Konrads has released an updated version of his "Swim Easy" books and DVDs. Learn the seven basic principles of swimming, how to improve your open water swimming and more!

CLICK HERE for details on the SPECIAL OFFER for all MSA members.

FINA Aquatics Magazine Availableto MSA Members

FINA has authorised all member federations to send the on-line versions of the Aquatics World Magazine to their members free of charge for a year. As a result, the FINA Aquatics World Magazine will now be available to all MSA members. The magazine addresses all forms of aquatic sport and aims to make swimming more popular.

Fans of swimming and open water swimming can now read extensive analysis of the largest events in their sport, as well as interviews with the stars, in a publication packed with fabulous photos. Readers will be able to plunge into the unique nature of swimming events, with articles on the racing spirit in swimming and endurance in open water swimming. A special place in the Magazine is reserved for reports on Masters' competitions, which enjoy huge popularity all over the world.

CLICK HERE to view the latest edition of the magazine.


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