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Welcome to our Winter Edition for 2012.  This email has been forwarded to all members, past and present,  with valid email addresses and MSWA stakeholders.  Anyone having difficulty viewing the E-News should try opening the copy on the MSWA website.  This can be found under the heading "Information" and then click on "Newsletters".  Club Contacts needing to print copies for those without internet access - please print a copy of this newsleter from the same site.

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  President's Piece





















It is with a great deal of pleasure I announce that Mr Deane Pieters has been appointed to the position of Patron for Masters Swimming Western Australia.  

Deane is an Olympian who still swims for fitness and health like the rest of us.

We welcome Deane as our Patron and look forward to a great working relationship in the coming years.

Deane received a warm welcome from members at the recent annual awards function held on the 15th May in conjunction with our quarterly Council of Clubs meeting.  It was a great success and enjoyed by all those who attended.  Some highlights from the evening included the presence of so many of our sponsors and thanks to them for attending and helping with some of the presentations.

To our Life Members who attended and helped with presentations we also offer our appreciation for your attendance and support.

I would like to quickly mention some of our award winners from the night:

  • Fiona Wilkins (Perth City Club) - Winner of Outstanding Service to MSWA. Fiona headed up the teams as Meet Director that conducted the 2008 FINA World Masters Championships and the 2011 National Masters Championships. Well done Fiona and many thanks for your fantastic work on those projects.
  • Pamela Badani (Sandgropers Club) - Winner of Coach of the Year for the work she has undertaken with the Pilot Village project and the “New” Thornlie Masters club. Pam was also involved in a life saving incident during a training session when a squad member had a heart attack and was appropriately recognised by Royal Life Saving WA and the local council for her involvement in saving this members life.
  • Ken Phillips (Mandurah Masters) - Winner of Official of the Year. Ken has taken a key position in the MSWA officials team, and is doing a fantastic job in delivering training courses and mentoring trainee officials. Well done Ken.
  • The Club Administration Award (McDonald Shield) was awarded to Riverton Masters Club which was considered to be our most efficient in relation to State business in 2011.
  • The Stadium Snappers Club which achieved top points in the 2011 National Aerobics award for a Western Australian club was presented with the State Aerobic Trophy.

Many other presentations were made which I am sure will be mentioned in this E-News.

To all our members I hope you stay well over the winter and manage to include some regular swimming in your life.

Ivan Martinovich


  From The Front Desk















































“I didn’t know about that”

Tis a comment often heard at Club sessions or activities.  We thought it a good idea to again explain how our communications work at the different levels in masters swimming.

Our communications to Clubs is through the Club Contacts (usually the Club Secretary) for administration and promotional activities which are mainly forwarded via my weekly eAlert for Club Committees.  Sometimes items of interest for members are also passed on to members this way but we leave it up to Clubs as to what items to pass on to members.  Some Clubs just forward the whole eAlert, which is probably not necessary!

So for members the first port of call for any information is your Club (Secretary) and/or Club, State and National websites and of course the quarterly E-News.  Additionally we value feedback from members on any item to keep improving our wonderful sport.  For your information our ongoing major focus apart from governance, leadership, promotional and administration tasks is around helping Clubs to grow and developing new Clubs.  Retaining members is a key focus at present.

Social Media

For your information we are planning on conducting a Social Media workshop later in the year and have asked Clubs to advise if they have any interest in attending, say 1 person per Club.  Having learnt more recently at a National workshop how social media can help spread the word about Masters Swimming and its Clubs, especially to the younger brigade, we think it is opportune to offer a complimentary session to Clubs if there is enough interest.

Helping small and new Clubs

Another focus we want to prioritise is helping small and new Clubs, whether it be with media promotions or information sessions, we are working on it.  If your Club is in this category and we haven’t yet made contact to develop some strategies please suggest your Club President to give us a yell via .

Country membership

We would love to be able to provide more benefits to country members and are often trying to come up with new ideas.  This year MSWA coordinated the Country Correspondence Carnival, a misnomer now as it was conducted by electronic means!  But we want to do more for country members and for free ie. send coaching or technical experts to conduct sessions for members, provide mentoring to Coaches etc.  Heads up to you as Club members is that this week we will be asking country Clubs to provide some date options in the next few months as one of our leading Coach educators has offered to travel and conduct complimentary sessions.

Website colours – feedback?

Recently we changed the background colour on the website from the blue (National site colour) to the yellow in our MSWA logo.  Some people have said it is better now to instantly know that you are on the WA site, but we haven’t really had any feedback on this or if there is anything else that members would like to see on the site.  Let us know your thoughts via email or on facebook.  We are working on getting the history of our people up there soon, including lists of all award winners.

Special Projects Funding to Clubs

Many Clubs have taken avail of this opportunity over the past few years to purchase equipment and other Club gear.  If your Club has not applied and received funds for suitable projects please encourage your Club Committee to look into this offer.  Applications for our current Round 4 close on 30th June however the pot is limited!

2012 State Championships in Bunbury

It was a small but most enjoyable event in Bunbury in March however many members would not know or remember the philosophy around travelling to the country for State Championships which naturally impacts on participation numbers and costs.  About 10 years ago members agreed to conduct this annual event at a country venue or in a short course venue once every 5 years.  In 2004 we travelled to Geraldton and many members enjoyed the event even with the heat!  In 2008 following the successful FINA World Championships we conducted a short course meet at Challenge Stadium.  

Black Swans Club

Queries have been received again on the aim of this virtual Club.  It was established in 2008 for WA members wishing to band together to swim at World swim meets and mainly so relay teams could participate.  However it is possible for current WA members travelling to interstate meets to band together to swim as a Black Swans Club team ie. Pan Pacs or even Nationals where only 1 or 2 members are going from your Club.  Food for thought.

Sandgropers Club

In 2011 we opened this Club up from just country membership to metro swimmers who might never join a traditional Club, as there are many people out there doing laps on their own who fit this description.  However the metro Sandgropers membership fee is much higher so as to encourage any potential members to join your Club first.  If you know of swimmers who might like to participate in Masters activities but do not want to join a traditional Club give them the Sandgropers Club information or point them to the website.

2012/13 Open Water Swims calendar

The aim is to have the new season’s calendar ready for distribution to Clubs in August and then out to the general OWS public in the first week of September.

2013 State Championships

Two weekends in May 2013 have been booked at Challenge Stadium and one of those will be confirmed soon.

Masters National Coaching Courses

We have conducted 2 rounds of the Intro and Club Coach Courses and will conduct another round soon if there is enough interest.  Please advise  me via email if keen to participate, even if just in the Intro Coach Course to improve your own swimming.

Membership Growth Projects

Our Project Coordinator Nadine Georgiades is working on several projects including new club development.  The latest new Clubs to affiliate and come on board include Southside Masters (Wesley College) and Bayview Saints Masters (St Hilda’s Girls School).

2012 National Championships

Congratulations to WA members who achieved personal bests, medals and records and had a wonderful time at the Nationals held in Adelaide in April.  2013 event is being held in Sydney, so start thinking about a holiday and a swim or 2 in April next year.

2012 Masters State OWS

A great event was held on Saturday 24th March at Coogee Beach, with thanks once again to Somerset Masters Club for coordinating and conducting the event on behalf of MSWA.  We achieved another increase in numbers further proving the benefit of using the Team Manager entry system and the great encouragement of Club Captains rallying the members to participate.

2013 Masters State OWS

The date is nearly set – looking at the same date but Sunday for the 2013 event.  Date will be confirmed in the new season’s OWS calendar coming out in August.

Wendy Holtom

Executive Officer

  New Patron Announced



At the 2012 annual awards function held on 15th May State President Ivan Martinovich proudly announced the appointment of Olympian Deane Pieters as the new Patron of Masters Swimming Western Australia.  

As Ivan said “most members will remember Deane as one of WA’s finest Olympic swimmers in the 90’s, however now he swims for fitness and health like the rest of us!”

Please click here for more information on Deane.

  Kay Cox OAM

Kay Cox Life Member of Masters Swimming WA received an (OAM) of the Order of Australia Medal for years given to sport.  Kay, of Sorrento, said she was surprised and humbled to be awarded the Medal.

“You do things because you are there to help people. It’s not about the awards but I have a great appreciation that people have appreciated what I’ve done,” she said.

Dr Cox was awarded for her service to the sport of swimming at local, state and national levels through coaching and technical roles and her service to the community. “My most prized achievement was as co-founder of Masters Swimming in WA some 35 years ago,” she said.

“I was motivated to form this group, as there was no group for women to continue swimming for fitness or recreation once they had finished competitive swimming.”

The 2000 Australian Sports Medal winner was also responsible for initiating and conducting the first Learn to Swim Classes for adults and developing the first manual for coaching adult swimmers Australia wide.

Kay is currently a Research Associate Professor for The University of WA’s School of Medicine and Pharmacology.

  2012 Annual Awards Presentation Function



MSWA recently held its annual awards function.  Congratulations to the clubs and swimmers who were successful in their swimming endeavours.

Please click here for all the results of the evening.

  Technical Officiating Courses

Technical Education Coordinator Ken Phillips has conducted several courses in recent months for interested members. If you are keen on being part of the MSWA officiating team let Wendy know so we can organise more courses in the upcoming months. It is not difficult but very satisfying to contribute to our great sport as a volunteer.

  2nd Claim Membership






If you have mates at other Clubs who wish to swim at some of your Club sessions suggest the second claim membership option, where if currently a WA member they only pay the Club component to be a member of your Club.  They can swim for your Club also if their Club is not allocated to a particular Be Active Club Challenge (BACC) meet. 

Even though Fact Sheets are readily available on Clubs Online (COL) the following instructions provided by our Director of Recording Sandra Mutch can help any potential new Second Claim members.  Your Club:

1.  Must have set up a Second Claim membership subscription type on COL (are they    charging a club component for this?  We recommend that the Club at least charge the same as ‘normal’ club members).

2.  Provide the Second Claim member with a manual copy of your Membership document for completion and handing back to the Club.

3.  Must add the SC member into the Club data on COL (under Second Claim/Second Claim option).

4.  Provide the SC member with their username and password that is retrieved from COL.

5.  Generates a subscription for the SC member. The SC member then needs to go on line via the Member Portal on the State or National website and use the username and password provided from COL and then pay online (Club component only if already a WA member) the same as renewing members or New members.

Any queries go direct to Sandra via .

  Vorgee Sponsorship


Vorgee is also a major sponsor for Masters Swimming Australia which coordinates the Vorgee Million Metres program.  Register your swims and you will be amazed at how quickly those metres can add up.  There are prizes along the way so get in and participate and don't forget to write those metres down!!!

Read the attached to find out what Vorgee can offer Masters Swimming WA Members and their clubs.


  Club News

Maida Vale Masters


When Maida Vale AUSSI (now Masters) started in April 1979, Anita joined as one of the Founding Members. Over the years she made the World Top Ten in 5 years, twice gained the National Aerobic Title in the her age group; gained Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the National Championships, Silver at the Albany Masters, and set many State and Nationals records.  Anita became a Life Member in 2001.

To read Anita's life history click here.

Read here for more club news!!


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