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  Vorgee prizes to be won!!!

Nominate a champion Volunteer from your Club.

Vorgee have been sponsoring Masters Swimming since 2006 and they have been very generous with their financial support, swimming caps, raffle packs, prizes and trophies to reward our swimmers over the years. Remember the Vorgee name when you or your Club are in need of new goggles and caps.

To celebrate their re-signing with Masters Swimming we are offering Vorgee goggle prize packs to our wonderful Branch and Club volunteers, who after all, make our organisation tick!

Simply nominate a member who deserves a small reward because of the contribution they make to your Club. Tell us why they should get the reward and as long as we agree, we will send them a prize. Do it NOW. Email your nomination. (Prize pool is limited - so first in....)

CLICK HERE to complete the Vorgee Club Health Check

  2012 National Championships Report from John Gamlen

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Championships were held in Adelaide in April. A very special thanks to all the participants and volunteers for competing and officiating in a spirit that  contributed to a very successful event.

82 clubs participated with entries received from all states and one international swimmer.  A total of 417 swimmers entered with 398 competing.  Women slightly outnumbered the men.

CLICK HERE to read the full report.

  2011 Coach of the Year  and Official of the Year

Congratulations to Danny Crowe (Wett Ones, NSW) and Karen Patrick (Cairns Sea Eagles, QLD) on their fantastic achievement in being awarded the 2011 Coach and Official of the Year at the recent National Championships.

Each Branch has the opportunity to nominate a candidate for the awards and the selection committees have a difficult job each year seperating the contenders. CLICK HERE to read more about Danny & Karen.....

  Record Breaking News


At the recent NT Branch Long Course Championships, Gerda Williams (70-74) showed dazzling form to set three new MSA Australian Records.

Swimming in the 1500 m Backstroke, she demolished the old record of 31:01.74 with a time of 28:10.10. On the way to this mark she also broke the 800 m record with 15:03.92 (old 16:31.63) and the 400 m with 7:29.79 (7.51.16) and came within less than half a second of the 200 m record!

Congratulations, Gerda. CLICK HERE to read more about Gerda in the NT news.


At the Adelaide National Championship in April, both Linley Frame and Stuart Ellicott made their presence known in the pool. With two world breaking records in the same event, Linley and Stuart made record times with the 50m breaststroke with the addition to Linley in the 100m breaststroke. Times as follows:

14.04.12 – 100m Breaststroke – 1:12:74 (Linley)
17.04.12 – 50m Breaststroke – 33:09 (Linley)
17.04.12 - 50m Breaststroke 
– 32.80 (Stuart)

The National Recorder has submitted these times to the International Recorder and confirmation should be received later this month. Great work!!

  Endurance 1000

This is the season to be building up your VORGEE ENDURANCE 1000 swims. We are half way through the year and looking forward increasing the number of people engaged in our endurance program.

Note: All Interclub, Branch and National swiming results will be loaded into the Enduro portal on a monthly basis by the National Recorder. CLICK HERE to be directed to the portal.

  Member Exit Survey Results

MSA has just completed an exit survey of members who did not rejoin masters swimming in 2011.

It is important to track our membership and these results will be useful for your Club to table at your next meeting. How do you rate; and do you know why your members leave? Does your Club have a welcoming environment?

CLICK HERE to be directed to the snapshot of the results.

  New Masters Clubs

We welcome one new club who has joined masters swimming in recent months:

Southside Masters (WA)

  Volunteer Profile - John Marshall 

John Marshall qualified as a Referee in 2005 after gaining his marshalling qualifications ten years ago in 2002. In 2006 he became the Masters Swimming Victoria Technical Director which meant that he became Victoria’s voice on the National Technical Committee in that same year.

In October 2011 he took over as the chairman of the National Technical Committee and he continues to hold this voluntary position today.

Earlier this year John received the Meritorious Service Award for recognition of five years continuous service to Masters Swimming Australia.

He has officiated at far too many club, branch, national and international events to mention here, but he still manages to get wet and compete; and remains an enthusiastic member of the Malvern Marlins Club in Victoria.

  Transferring from one club to another....

IMGSTG have provided us with a very good link for those who need help addressing some of your everyday troubleshooting tasks. They have their very own help desk to answer any club queries. CLICK HERE and save this link to your favourites.

An updated transfer helpsheet has been loaded onto every club console for a more concise summary of the importance of managing member transfers correctly. Our Results Portal is linked to this information and the member needs to carry their history with them!

Feel free to let us know if you require any training in any particular areas of the console, we would rather help you in the early stages to avoid any problems in the future.

  Masters Swimming National Championships Video

CLICK HERE to view the Masters Swimming video from the Adelaide National Championships in April. This was produced by Conor McCarron a Creative Arts student at Flinders University in Adelaide.

A lot of people tell us that they didn't know Masters existed until they approached a group at a pool who seemed to be having fun in the lane next to them! You or your Club can upload this video onto your website or forward it via email to promote your club and Masters Swimming. 

  Coaching Article - by Patrick Devine

While it is not proposed that you “Float like a Butterfly and Sting like a Bee”, maybe thought should be given to Float while you Butterfly”. 

Patrick is a member of the Malvern Marlins Club (Victoria) and we thank him for submitting this article to share with our membership.

We would welcome other contributions from coaches, officials and swimmers at any time.

CLICK HERE to read the full article

  Technical Article - by Phil Beames

At the recent National Championships in Adelaide only 25 disqualifications for rule infractions were recorded from the 3038 entries swum in 319 heats. CLICK HERE to read the full break down.

  Technique is critical for masters swimmers - by Peter Reaburn

Funny things happen with age! Yep, the older I get, the slower I get. Strange thing is I still feel as though I’m swimming with good technique and very efficiently. It’s just when I look up at the clock the 1.15 pace for the set of 15 100’s has dropped to 1.22 speed, despite feeling the same as I did years ago!

A recent paper has just been published in the highly prestigious peer-reviewed sport science journal European Journal of Applied Physiology. The paper looked at swimming efficiency measures including the energy cost (energy used) of swimming, stroke frequency and distance per stroke, as well as measuring factors affecting resistance to moving through the water. They looked at these factors in 47 male masters swimmers aged 31-85 years of age. Here’s what they did.

CLICK HERE to read more.

  News from the Branches


NSW Phoenix Masters triumphed at their recent relay event in Homebush. CLICK HERE to read the article from The Blue Mountains Gazette.

Congratulations Ron Murray of Murwillumbah Masters and John Mathieson of Bomaderry Master. Ron was recognised with a national volunteer award for his efforts and John for becoming a life member. CLICK HERE to read the full article.


NT are proud to annouce that Darwin Surf Life Saving Club will be hosting their Fannie Bay Swim Classic - 1st July - CLICK HERE to be directed to the flyer. 



Masters Swimming WA held their annual awards function in May where several members and clubs were presented with awards. CLICK HERE to read the full story. On the same evening, the State President appointed a new patron. CLICK HERE to read more about the announcement.


  Swimming fact sheet - produced by Sports Dietitians Australia
Swimming requires a serious commitment to training, with elite swimmers training 6 to 12 times per week, covering distances of up to 10km in early training, and 1000 - 2000m of high-intensity sprints in the later phases of training. At this level, swimmers can swim up to 6 hours per day and may also complete other landbased forms of training such as cycling or weights. READ MORE
  E-news statistics

The MSA  March e-newsletter had the lowest number of "bounced" emails to date.  This would largely be due to the compulsory online registration this season and the compulsory email field in members details. Of course it still relies on that email address being current and getting through spam filters (particularly at Government addresses). You can update your details at anytime online by using your User name & password.


- The five most popular articles that people clicked through to read further were:

1. Coaching article by Steve Cornelius
2. 2012 National Championships info
3. Peter Raeburn training article
4. Endurance 1000 information
5. Breaststroke kick in butterfly events (technical)

  International Sports Tours  IST - Riccione


Over the past 12 years, International Sports Tours (IST) has been committed to offering a personalised service and excellent value travel packages including flights, accommodation and transfers to masters swimmers who wish to attend the  FINA World Masters Championships. Riccione in Italy are currently hosting the World Championships, IST would like to extend their best wishes to our swimmers READ MORE

There are 28 swimmers in the IST group currently swimming in Riccione this week. We wish them and any other members who are over there all the best in the pool and during their travels.

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