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  Well done to the Master's Community!!

Congratulations to the members and club registrars who have mastered our transition to online registrations this year!

The system is designed for each member to register themselves through the website portal at their leisure; so all members should be gently encouraged to do it for themselves. We need to lighten the load on busy club officials!

The registration of members and collection of fees is the primary purpose for using this system, but branches and clubs are slowly starting to use the other features of the system – website hosting, e-newsletter templates, online event entry, merchandise sales & emailing to name a few. 

2012  payments for re-registering members are now overdue and outstanding payments should be made as soon as possible.

  2012 National Championships

The 2012 National Championships in Adelaide is just 6 weeks away and the MSSA Organising Committee are looking forward to welcoming swimmers to their new aquatic facility. The Australian Olympic Trials are being held at the same venue this week.

Entries have closed with 420 swimmers registered for the event.

The pool, SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre is less than a year old and is adjacent to the Marion Shopping Centre and not far from beachside suburbs of Glenelg, Brighton and West Beach.

Good luck with your preparations if you are entered!

CLICK HERE for an update on entries and registration.

  Vorgee Endurance 1000

The newly revamped Vorgee Endurance 1000 program is designed to encourage people to improve their swimming distances from 400m to 60 minutes duration in a variety of strokes.

The program is entirely optional and to achieve the required goals (which relate to gender and age groupings) the swims are done over an extended part of the calendar year. As a result, you need a certain level of aerobic fit­ness in order to complete the individual event requirements.

The new pointscore sheets for 2012 are on the MSA website & Club Recorders will be receiving advice on how to receive their individual Username and Password to access the web based portal to record the points next week.

The program is a very popular club activity to encourage endurance swimming throughout the year. To see the points or find out more CLICK HERE or visit the website.

  Congrats Moira - 5 Million Metres

Moira Wigley, NT Branch Recorder, recently received her Vorgee 5 Million Metre Award from Darwin Stingers President, Adrian Tonkin. She deserves it, for just logging all those metres!

This capped a big year in 2011 for Moira, who was awarded the NT Surf Lifesaver of the Year 2011 and was therefore a finalist in the selection of Australian Surf Lifesaver of the Year in Sydney in October. 

For more information on how you can become involved in the Vorgee Million Metre Award program CLICK HERE

  Million Metres - What it's all about...

The Vorgee Million Metre Awards acknowledge progress from the “learn to swim” beginner, to the distance swimmer. These awards are intended to stimulate members to strive for greater fitness and are open to all registered members of Masters Swimming Australia. 

The Million Metre Awards were established in 2001 for one, three, and ten million metres. In 2004, they were expanded to include five and seven million metres. In 2007, the two million metre award was added. In 2008, the Vorgee Award was expanded to recognise swimmers who attain fifteen million metres and above.

For more information CLICK HERE

  Why volunteering is good for your career...

Millions of professionals donate their time volunteering to not for profit organisations, but it turns out volunteering is as good for your career as it is to those you help. CLICK HERE to see why.

If you are a swimmer and you have a family member who would like to get involved without getting wet - encourage them to have a go at volunteering. It is fun, often leads to widening your friendship group and is very satisfying. Clubs, Branches and event volunteers are always welcome.

If you are a swimmer - make sure you thank the volunteers who are there for you. Even a smile goes a long way!

  New Swimming Venue for The Friendly Games

A new pool complex within the Alice Springs Aquatic Centre will allow a short course format for the first time for the swimming in this year’s Alice Springs Masters Games.

This will mean inaugural records and the opportunity to try out 25m events and 100m Individual Medley. There will be something different for everyone – no matter what your level of competiveness.

Registrations are now available for the 7 days of individual and relay events from 13 to 20 October 2012. Go to to see the information sheet and program, and to complete the online registration.

Contact Kay Bailey, ASMG Swimming Coordinator on 0427 186 153 for further information.

  New Masters Clubs

We welcome three new clubs who have joined masters swimming in recent months:

Y Valley - based at Kurri Kurri Aquatic Centre - a new "one club" (NSW)

Rural Sharks - based in Palmerston - a new "one club" (NT)

Wanneroo (WA)

   Helen Rubin honoured in NSW

Congratulations to Helen Rubin on recently receiving the Distinguished Long Service Member award from the NSW Sports Federation.

Helen has been a member of Ryde AUSSI Masters Swimmers Inc. since its inauguration in November 1981 and continues to be the backbone of her club.
Helen is an active official and has Masters Swimming accreditation for Timekeeping, Chief Timekeeper, Marshal, Check Starter, Inspector of Turns and Judge of Strokes. She is also a regular medallist in her age category. She is also active in Branch committees and at MSA level, especially in the IT area.
This is a well deserved honour and we thank Helen for her ongoing enthusiasm and support of Masters Swimming in Australia.
  Facebook and website Member Feedback - Prizes to be won!

Masters Swimming has entered the social networking age and are very serious about improving our communications with our existing and potential members. If you have any suggestions or contributions to help us, we would love to hear from you. A challenge for you all!! Visit our website and our Facebook page & give us your feedback. Small prizes from Vorgee available for the best ideas!

Go to 

  Transferring from a club in IMG

It is vitally important members are informed of the correct procedure for club transfers. The request must come from the new club and be accepted by the previous club before the member can be activated. It is imperative members do not go in too early and register themselves against their new club, this in the long term can cause delays and problems for both clubs. If you have any concerns please direct them to your club.

  Masters Swimming Promotional Video

CLICK HERE to view the new Masters Swimming promotional video.

Another example of the work we are doing to promote our sport. A lot of people tell us that they never knew Masters existed until they approached a group at a pool who seemed to be having fun in the lane next to them! You or your Club can upload this video onto your website or forward it via email to promote Masters Swimming. 

  Freestyle Breathing - by Steve Cornelius

Breathing while swimming freestyle is the most difficult thing to co-ordinate for beginners. As a specialist coach of adult swimmers I am constantly being asked by athletes that excel in other sports but are beginners in swimming: “Why is it so difficult, how do you breathe?” READ MORE

Steve is a Miami Masters coach and a coach educator in Queensland. We thank him for sharing his advice on helping beginners.

  Breaststroke kick in butterfly events 

FINA rules only allow butterfly swimmers one breaststroke kick per arm stroke.

In Masters Swimming Australia rules, the old two kick limit still applies for butterfly events over 200m. However, for butterfly events up to and including 200m and all IM or medley relay events, irrespective of distance, the one kick rule applies.

To find out more, CLICK HERE

  Never stop training - by Peter Reaburn

Between the ages of 40 and 50 years we can lose up to 8% of our muscle mass.

Once we hit 75 years of age, this loss of speed-and power-generating muscle accelerates to a loss of greater than 15% per decade.

While exercise is known to alter the age-related decline in lean muscle mass and subsequent loss of functional performance, here is some research suggesting that staying involved with masters sport may limit or prevent the loss of muscle mass that happens in active older people. 

CLICK HERE to read more.

  Masters members are awesome

In February 2012 at the annual general meeting of Masters Swimming WA, several members who have worked for the organization as key volunteers over many years were presented with Service Awards for their outstanding contributions to the WA Branch.

This was a catch up exercise following the example of MSA who have had 5 and 10 year awards for some years. Volunteers can never be thanked enough - so WA took the first step to recognise them for their generous contribution in helping to make a difference at Branch level.

 CLICK HERE to read more.

  International Sports Tours - Riccione


Over the past 12 years, International Sports Tours (IST) has been committed to offering a personalised service and excellent value travel packages including flights, accommodation and transfers to masters swimmers who wish to attend FINA World Masters Championships. In 2012, Riccione in Italy will be hosting the World Championships and IST are ready to assist you with your planning and travel arrangements...READ MORE





This email was prepared and sent by Emma Evans,
Masters Swimming Australia, 
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