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  President's Piece

Welcome to Spring, which is the perfect time to get back in the water or increase the number of training sessions in readiness for the upcoming summer season. However so much has happened over the past 3 months I would like to share some of the highlights with you.

Firstly a Have a Go swim meet was held in Bunbury on Sunday 24th July as a trial run for the 2012 State Championships to be held there in March next year.  If you have never been to the Bunbury pool (South West Sports Centre), which I had not, you will be surprised.  It is a wonderful 10 lane indoor pool with very good seating and facilities, including good access to outside for fresh air.  I must congratulate the Bunbury club for their support and good old country hospitality during this event. I encourage you all to get your diary out and pencil in the 4th and 5th of March 2012 and get organized with travel and accommodation for Bunbury.  A bonus event for that weekend is the Barrett Bunbury swim thru which will be held on Saturday 3rd March, another attraction for members to get down south for the weekend!

I would like to congratulate the Clubs that had representatives attend the Clubs On-line workshops over three sessions in early August. I know that it might appear that there is some extra work but once your Club is up and running with this system you will wonder what the fuss was about. The efficiencies, both time and money, that are achieved on all 3 levels of Management are incredible. Your Club’s resources and registrar’s time will be greatly reduced as is the State and National bodies’ administration and resources. The cost of bringing the National Operations Manager Sarah Roach from Melbourne to conduct the workshops was funded from the additional profit made at the Nationals and was worth every cent.

Just an update on our former State Technical Officer Jude Crawford who is traveling around Australia in her camper van and has not stopped being involved in swimming. As she has been working her way east Jude has stopped at several of our country Clubs and conducted coaching clinics and training sessions whilst passing on wonderful advice on all things swimming. Jude was last heard of entering South Australia on her way to Victoria this month.

Lastly I am looking forward to catching up with many of our Club Presidents on Saturday the 17th September for what is looking like being a very interesting session.

Until next time keep on swimming.

Ivan Martinovich


  2011/12 Open Water Swims Calendar

Members should have received their copy through their Club by now, if not do chase up with your Club, as the allocation to pools is aimed at the OWS general public community.  And members should all be aware of the OWS Series (see back of calendar) which is only open to MSWA members.  Members earn points for OWS events run by MSWA Clubs so if aiming to be in with a chance at the end of the summer season, members must ensure they renew their 2012 membership by 31st January at the latest. 



  Council of Clubs


Meeting 16th August Highlights:

  • Meeting agreed for WA to forward motion to National Spring Meeting to delete the word “Branch” from documentation and language
  • New National “Endurance 1000” program (formerly called Aerobics) confirmed for March 2012 launch
  Renewing Membership

Current members can renew from 1st December 2011 and must follow the Clubs On-line instructions (see front page at www.mswa.asn.au ) to pay on-line, as manual payments are not accepted.  If you do not have a credit card consider purchasing a pre-paid card eg. Woolworths or liaise with your Club Registrar as we have also encouraged Clubs to purchase pre-paid cards in cases of emergency.


  Masters National Coaching Courses

Our plan is to conduct the new Coaching Courses from late October starting with the Intro Coach Course on Saturday 29th October if a sufficient number of participants.  Director of Coaching ‘Tricia Summerfield has received the course content and documentation and expressions of interest have been called for.  Visit http://www.mastersswimming.org.au/ and check out the new Coaching Courses and the new pre-requisite on-line section that must be completed first.  Please note that the pre-requisite on-line section covers basic general coaching principles and is not related to swimming at all, however it is part of the Australian Sports Commission’s accredited course and must be undertaken first.

  Bunbury Open Meet

Thanks to the members and officials who travelled to Bunbury in July and enjoyed this “Have a Go” event, which included a few potential members from the South West.  Well done to Mandurah Masters for their fantastic support!

  Regional Coaching Clinics

MSWA conducted 2 coaching clinics for interested adult swimmers in Bunbury (10th July) and Albany (17th July) which also promoted participation in the Bunbury meet.  Judith Crawford conducted the clinics and provided coaching tips to attending Club Coaches (from Bunbury & Albany) as part of our regional support program on the start of her travels around Australia.  Additionally Jude conducted a coaching clinic in Esperance on 24th July with 11 participants with our aim of re-establishing the Masters Club down there.

  New Clubs and Members

Ballajura and Kwinana are our newest Clubs and we hope to see some of their members participating in some OWS events over summer, so please make then welcome and encourage where possible.  Potential new Clubs which our Project Coordinator Nadine Georgiades has been working with in conjunction with Director of Development Gary Bradley include Central Aquatic (Bayswater Waves), Aqua Attack (Wanneroo Aquamotion) and Western Suburbs (Claremont Aquatic Centre).  Barracudas and Southside Wesley Penrhos are intending to re-affiliate also in upcoming months so our membership growth strategies established over the past few years are bearing fruit.

Not so new is the band of Gosnells Masters members who now swim under the Thornlie Swimming Club banner, so look out for them as they increase their membership and assist the junior swimmers at the same time under our 1-Club model.


  Media Success

Just in case you did not see the great piece we achieved in “The West Australian’s Mind & Body” section on Tuesday 9th August, it is attached.  This article clearly states what we are about – adults swimming at Clubs for health and fitness and I hope all members continue to promote this philosophy to friends and family.  Any potential member who wants to compete (or as I prefer to call it “participate in swim meets”) will find a Masters Club anyway, we do not need to promote that option, just try to dispel the long-time misconception that one has to be a good swimmer to belong to a Masters Club!


  2012 State OWS event

The annual event is confirmed for Saturday 24th March at Coogee Beach again and will be coordinated by Somerset Masters on behalf of MSWA with event and water support from Coogee Beach SLSC.

  Dale Alcock Support

Unfortunately after many years of sponsoring the annual State OWS event and the annual OWS Series Dale Alcock Homes has withdrawn their financial commitment to MSWA.  We have officially thanked Dale and his staff for their fantastic support over the years and applauded their philanthropy efforts which are now concentrated on the Salvation Army and the Cancer Foundation.

  Vorgee Sponsorship

It is with pleasure that we announce having been successful with Vorgee coming on board to sponsor the annual OWS Calendar in addition to MSWA’s Pool Events Calendar.  This is a great coup for MSWA and brings us into line with the National sponsorship and the relevant benefits for our members.  Some Clubs will take the opportunity to work with the local Vorgee representative Jim Piper at Streamline Sports for Vorgee products and event support.

  Technically Swimming

The 2011/12 open water calendar is out. I’m sure swimmers are again keen to get back into the Open Water. Time to get out of the warm pool and support Masters Swimming open water events

Currently a review on the Masters Open Water swimming rules is taking place. Representatives from most states are refining the rules (and the interpretation of the rules) to make them workable for all states. Some controversial issues have been discussed such as restricting entry to swimmers over 18 year of age, and questioning who is responsible for officiating and safety requirements. Once the draft is complete it will need to approved by the technical committee and all states

Ron Gray has taken on the role as officials’ coordinator for pool events with assistance from Brian Harper. He is currently looking at ways to improve this procedure.

There are two roles that remain vacant.

The first is the role of open water swim sanction coordinator. This person does not need to be a swimmer or official. The role involves reviewing the documents provided by clubs hosting open water swims, in order to sanction the swim.

The second is a Technical Official training coordinator. This person needs to have an interest in training and a basic knowledge of the swimming rules but does not necessarily need to be a qualified official. WA is leading the way in official training and we have a good team of dedicated officials. Ongoing training and recruitment is essential to keep WA team of officials on track

A Club captains meeting is scheduled for Sat 22nd October to discuss the 2012 BACC events. Club captains need to be prepared with dates and events for their BACC. I welcome any suggestions to improve the current BACC format. Please pass on any ideas to your club captain so they can be passed on at this meeting.

Peter Maloney

Director of Swimming

  Club News

Westcoast Masters

This quarter has flown past; think it might have been because of the hibernation during the winter months.  However, the club has still managed to squeeze in quite a bit. 

We attended the Mandurah Carnival, making a weekend away of it.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event.  We had a small contingent at the Gropers Relay Carnival and were very happy with our results.  Big congratulations must go to Claremont for the excellent job done in organising and running the event, as well as for their great result.  Read here for more club news!!


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