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1.  Warringah Archers Club - Access and Opening Times Update 

Following the damage done by the pre-Christmas storms, we have investigated options to re-commence shooting at the club and can confirm that there will be an opportunity to recommence shooting at the club.  .It will be shorter distances shooting towards the school, and we will need club members assistance to help setup and pack up.

The following points to be aware of:

The club will be open Sunday 2nd January 2022 at the normal time.

  1. Entrance is through the top gate and parking off road.
  2. We will shoot towards the school
  3. No one is allowed to enter the club rooms, without permission from a committee member.
  4. Access to the oval only has been granted at this point in time.
  5. Ready Electrical will provide us with a trailer to take the equipment down and to temporary storage. This will be available Saturday/Sundays/Monday & Wednesday nights only, unless we can work something else out. (Thank you, Ready Electrical!)
  6. Do not go near the old canteen building due to possibility of asbestos on the ground near there.
  7. Part of the setup/packup will be to help load the trailer. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLIER TO HELP WITH SETTING UP FOR THE SHOOT.

We will provide updates as we get them.

2.  Kidbow/Adbow 2022 Season 1 - Registrations Open

Registrations for our Kidbow/Adbow Program 2022 Season 1 are now open.  Register HERE now.

3.  Latest Newsletter

The December newsletter is out now. 

Warringah Archers is one of the oldest clubs on the Northern beaches with a 40 year history.

Warringah Archers has produced Olympians / Para Olympians, as well as International representatives in Target & Field events, both Junior & Adults.  Our club membership also enjoys a full social shooting calendar which encompasses Target / Field / Clout & Indoor disciplines.  

Warringah Archers have a variety of programs for beginners through to the dedicated archer. We hold Come N' Try sessions and Beginners Courses most weekends, as well as run two seasonal Adbow (Adults) and Kidbow (Youth) programs - book in now and see for yourself how much fun Archery can be!

Members Recognition Highlights 2021

6th Feb - Warringah Open: (Gold) Leanne Spencer-RF, Kane Wilson-RM (Silver) Maja Kecskes-RUG, Jack Chambers-Mclean-RU20M (Bronze) Gabbie Smith-RU20F, Peter Whitfield-RMM

Warringah won Recurve Team made up of: Leane Spencer-RF, Kane Wilson-RM, Peter Whitfield-RMM & Jack Chambers-McLean-RU20M

Warringah won the Womens Team made up of: Maja Kecskes (RUF), Leanne Wilson (RF), Maria Wright (CV+W) & Gabbie Smith (RU20F)

ArcheryNSW Record was obtained by Maja Kesckes-RUF with a score of 584.

7th Mar - Warringah Womens Day Tournanent: (Gold) Maja Keckes-RUG, Gabbie Smith-RU20G, S-me Myburgh-RW & Maria Wright-CV+W (Silver) Celeste Gilchrist-RUG

2nd May - Black Snake Challenge: (Gold) Maria Wright-CV+W

21st May - Australian Open: (Bronze) Maria Wright in the Compound Womens Teams event

10th Sept: NSW State Team Announced: Congratulations to: Jack Chambers-McLean & Cameron Murray (RU20M) & Maja Kesckes (RUF)

13th Nov - Warringah KidBow Tournament: (Gold) Maja Kesckes-RUF, Henry Thomas-BRUM, Jack Chambers-McLean-RU20M (Silver) Trent Crabtree-BRUM, Cameron Murray-RU20M (Bronze) Ben Ware-RU20M

21st Nov - Coast Archers Youth Challenge (Gold) Henry Thomas-BRJoeyM (Silver) Maja Kesckes

2021 Handicap Winners

Warringah Archers hosts a Monthly Handicap shoot, which all members are encouraged to participate in.

The round has specifically been designed for Warringah Archers, and made up of the following distances & faces used.

6 ends @ 50m on 122cm face, 4 ends @ 40m on 122cm face, 3 ends @ 30m on 80cm face & 2 ends @ 18m on 40cm face.

*(An end being six arrows)

December Wayne Jarrett Memorial Handicap - 18th December - To be announced

November Handicap - 27th November - To be announced

October Handicap - Glenn Steele (Recurve Veteran+ Male)

July/Aug/Sept Handicap  - Cancelled to to COVID Lockdown

June Handicap Winner -  Mark Lee (Recurve Master Male)

May Handicap Winner - Chris Schaub (Recurve Master Male)

April Handicap Winner - Hentry Thomas (Barebow Recurve Male)

March Handicap Winner - Chris Schaub (Recurve Master Male)

February Handicap Winner - Gregory Richardson (Recurve Veteran Male)

January Handicap Winner - Harry Skelton (Recurve Cadet Male)




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