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Latest News 

1.  Steve Jennison - Life Membership Archery NSW and Archery Australia

Congratulations to Steve Jennison for being awarded life membership to Archery NSW and Archery Australia.   

Steve Jennison's life-long commitment and contribution to archery over 40 years was recognised with the award of Life Membership to Archery NSW and Archery Australia in June 2022. Steve's tirelessness, generosity and coaching is well known throughout the archery world. He continues to mentor and coach our young archers today and is a true inspiration for many of us. Steve was presented with his award by the President of Archery Australia. Well deserved Steve!




























2.  22nd Warringah Kidbow/Youth Tournament entries now open

Register now for the 22nd Warringah Kidbow/Youth Tournament on Saturday 4th November 2023.   

This special target event has been organised to encourage our youth archers to maintain their competition skills and to offer all others an opportunity to gain competitive experience. This is a Newcastle round (90 arrows at 20 metres on a 122cm face) Entry fee is $28 (plus IMG fee) which includes lunch.


For more information and to enter, CLICK HERE



3.  3rd Warringah Archers International Women's Day Event - a huge success! 

Thank you Dr. Sophie Scamps-MP for opening our Warringah Archers Womens Day tournament on Saturday 11th March 2023. Dr Scamps scored a 7 for her first arrow and every shot was amazing. We appreciated taking time from your busy schedule to come & join us to celebrate International Women's Day.


4.  Latest Newsletter

The September Newsletter is available for your reading pleasure.

Warringah Archers is one of the oldest clubs on the Northern beaches with 2024 being our 50th year anniversary.

Warringah Archers has produced Olympians / Para Olympians, as well as International representatives in Target & Field events, both in Youth & Adults.  Our club membership also enjoys a full social shooting calendar which encompasses Target / Field / Clout & Indoor disciplines.  

Warringah Archers have a variety of programs for beginners through to the dedicated archer. We hold Come N' Try sessions, 2 per month, with Beginners Courses every 8 weeks or so, as well as run two seasonal Adbow (Adults) and Kidbow (Youth) programs - book in now and see for yourself how much fun Archery can be!  It doesnt matter what age you are we cater for as young as 6 if they can understand safety and be able to talk to the Coach......there is no end age date!


Members Recognition Highlights 2023

National Target Championships Sept 23: Silver: Kane Wilson (RM) 900 round. Matchplay Ranking Round: Kane Wilson (1st)

State Target Championships Sept 23: Gold: Kane Wilson (RM), Silver: Jack Chambers-McLean (CM).  Kane names Outright Target Champion.

State Field Championships Armidale Sept 2023: Gold: Kane Wilson (RM), Carmelo Aslanidis (CM), Alyssa Mollema (CU21F) & Bronze: Elizabeth Jennison (C60F)

RGB Team announced to contest the teams event at the Open Nationals in Qld September: Well done to Kane Wilson (Recurve Team) & Carmelo Aslanidis (Compound).

South Coast Field Illawarra Aug 2023: Silver: Jack Chambers-Mclean (CM)

Waratah Postal Competition July 2023: 1050/1150 Alexander Pisko (RU14M), Tom Pisko (RM) 1050* & Anton Van der Watt (C50M) 1050/1150/1250* Previously awarded, A

National Indoor Championships July 2023: Gold Recurve team member: Kane Wilson, Bronze Compound Team member: Jack Chambers-McLean

State Indoor Championships Jul 2023: Gold: Jack Cambers-McLean (CM), Kane Wilson (RM), Silver: Anton Vander Watt (C50+M) Maria Wright (C70+F). Kane Wilson won the Best Allround Recurve Archer Perpetual Trophy, with Jack Chambers-McLean taking out the Best Allround Compound Archer Perpetual Trophy

NSW State Indoor Team Announced Jun 2023: Recurve; Kane Wilson, Compound: Jack Chambers-McLean

Short Distance Championships May 2023: Gold: Kane Wilson (RM) and attained World Archery Blue Performance Award. Silver: Maria Wright (C70+V). Other awards: Jack Chambers-McLean (Blue), Tom Pisko (White)

Liverpool Autumn Championships May 2023: Gold: Kane Wilson (RM)

Metropolitan Championhips Apr 2023: Gold: Maja Keskes (Divn 1 RF), Kane Wilson (Divn 1 RM), Kevin Thomas (Divn 2 RM), Bree Slarke (Divn 2 RF), Bronze: Carmelo Aslanidis (Divn 1 CM), Maria Wright (Divn 2 CF), Alyssa Molleman (Divn 1 CF) .  Jack Chambers-McLean shot a '60' Perfect at 60m as well as an AG together with Carmelo & Alyssa.

Warringah Archers won the Compound Teams event, made up of Alyssa Mollema / Jack Chambers-McLean & Carmelo Aslanidis

Oceania Championships Apr 2023: Maja Kecskes - Gold: Individual Ranking Round & Individual Matchplay, Kane Wilson - Silver: Individual Ranking Round and 4th in the Individual Matchplay.

Trans-Taman Test Apr 2023: Maja Kecskes - Gold: Individual Ranking Round & Mixed Teams Matchplay, Silver: Individual Match-play, Bronze: U16 Teams event (3 competitors)

Illawarra Golden Gong Apr 2023: Gold: Alexander Pisko (RU14B) & Blaszena Pisko (RF)

Australian Team Announced Apr 2023: Congratulations to Maja Keckes (RU18F) & Alyssa Mollema (CU21F) who will be competing in the World Youth Championships in Limerick, Ireland in July.

Australian Teams Announced Mar 2023: Congratulations to Maja Kecskes (RU16F) for being selected in the Australian Team to contest the Trans-Tasman Challenge.  Also to Maja Kesckes (RU16F) & Kane Wilson (RM) for being selected in the Australian Team to contest the Oceania Championships, both events being held in April 2023.

Warringah International Womens Day Tournament Mar 2023: Gold: Hayley Ng (Novice), Maja Kecskes (RU16F), Blaszena Pisko (RF) Alyssa Mollema (CU21F), Maria Wright (C70+F), Silver: Whitney-May Lever (Novice), Elizabeth Jennison (C60F), Bronze: Narelle Ng (Novice), 

Black Snake Challenge, Liverpool: Mar 2023: Silver: Elizabeth Jennison (C60F)

ArcheryNSW Youth Series, Coast Archers: Feb 2023: Gold: Maja Kecskes (RU16F)

ArcheryNSW Youth Series Field - Armidale: Jan 2023: Runner up on Yellow Pegs: Alexander Pisko (RU14M), Runner up on Blue Pegs: Maja Kecskes (RU16F)

ACT Championships - Canberra: Jan 2023: Bronze  Jack Chamers-McLean (CM), finished 4th in the Matchplay event.

Warringah Open: Feb 2023: Gold: Kane Wilson (RM), Silver: Alyssa Mollema (CF), Maja Kecskes (RF), Jack Chambers-McLean (CM)

Warringah won the Recurve Teams Trophy on 3309 points - made up of: Kane Wilson / Noel Billyard / Tomas Pisko & Maja Kecskes

Warringah won the Compound Teams Trophy on 2988 points - made up of: Alyssa Mollema / Jack Chambers-McLean / Anton Van der Watt & Stuart Fathers

Warringah won the Womens Teams Trophy (which must have a minimum of 2 female recurve) on 2912 points made up of: Alyssa Mollema (CF), Maria Wright (CF), Maja Kecskes (RF) & Bree Slarke (RF)



2023 Handicap Winners

Warringah Archers hosts a Monthly Handicap shoot, which all members are encouraged to participate in.

The round has specifically been designed for Warringah Archers, and made up of the following distances & faces used.

6 ends @ 50m on 122cm face, 4 ends @ 40m on 122cm face, 3 ends @ 30m on 80cm face & 2 ends @ 18m on 40cm face.

*(An end being six arrows)

As new members join the club they can shoot in the Junior handicap, however, if they take out the handicap title, then the next time they compete in the Open Handicap Round. 

November Handicap - 26th November TBA

October Handicap - Audrey Verzosa (RU14F)

September Handicap - Oliver Robison (BRU16M)

August Handicap - Whitney-May Lever (RF)

July Handicap - Lumi Lintzer (CU14F)

June Handicap - Richard May (R60+M)

May Handicap - Anton Vander Watt (CM)

April Handicap - Hayley Ng (RF)

March Handicap - Blazenka Pisko (RF)

February Handicap - Trent Crabtree (Barebow Recurve U16 Male)

January Handicap Winner - Bree Slarke (Recurve Female)





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